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The Droste effect

Quite some (scientific) articles compare the human brain to the Universe; in particular a 2020 ScienceAlert: Study Maps The Odd Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe. Other comparisons may include: birth, growth, maturity, decline (a.k.a. entropy). Might the Universe - and everything else - mirror something called the Droste effect? Wiki:...

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Serendipity vs synchronicity

Last week, someone mentioned the term synchronicity to me. She gave an example. I rebutted that her example feels like serendipity to me. She was unfamiliar with my term, while I was unaware of the meaning that Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung had given to hers.The similarity and difference between serendipity and synchronicity are shown in...

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Why can’t I feel comfortably numb?

My mother (86) often says to me that I should care less about things. She is not alone in her view. Close friends say the same to me. I wish I could feel comfortably numb, like others. I cannot even if I want to. There is no ON/OFF button inside me. My default value is to care about people and things, provided that they/these are worth my time and effort. I am...

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What is next for societies run by fear?

What is next for societies run by fear?

Today's societies are run by Fear rather than Love. Fear to express Love (eg, MeToo), fear over Money (eg, inequality), fear over Politics (eg, authoritarianism, globalism, nationalism), Religion (eg, Islam), Philosophy (eg, identity politics), Science & Technology (eg, anti-vaxxers, 5G), and fear over saying the Truth (eg, political correctness). Hence,...

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Love epidemic

There are 2 primal human emotions in life: Love and Fear (my 2016 blog). Both can cause an epidemic or a pandemic. Fear is easy to understand (eg, coronavirus 2019). The global rise of religions, like Christianity and its 610 AD derivative Islam, was like a love epidemic or pandemic. It's important separating Faith from Religion (my 2016...

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The decline in Common Knowledge (7) – Astrology (3)

A recent article in science magazine Nautilus has a promising (sub) title: Why Astrology Matters. Seeing meaning in the stars is a vital part of the scientific story. The author was unable to answer my simple question: Why are we interested in astrology? After sending my 2018 blog to a friend, I realised that astrology is another example of the...

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