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Men vs Women

Most of Us Combine Personality Traits from Different Genders (Scientific American)

Introduction LO: Before this article, I considered men and women as two different - biological - species. Together, you are able to reproduce and create offspring. Things get more complicated once you include men behaving like women, and women behaving like men. In 2015, I published my blog on The paradox of homosexuality in evolution. To date, scientists can still...

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Competence vs confidence

Recently, I posted a (Dutch) question: why is competence no longer required in political management? My question does not imply that incompetence rules. No. The same phenomenon exists in businesses, whether privately owned or publicly listed. Last but not least, my question is gender neutral. In his 1969 book, The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong,...

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The connection that men and women are looking for

Many female dating profiles state that they are looking for a 'connection'. This might just be the latest buzzword following 'soulmate'. Many women complain that men are just looking for a physical connection (ie, sex). A Dutch website argues that this female connection is related to a spiritual awakening. In my view, life and nature show three collective...

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You bring out the worst in me

Some people bring out the best in you (video by Gladys Knight). For some people, you want to be a better man (video by Paolo Nutini). For some people, you'll never be good enough (video by Citizen Soldier). Sometimes, people bring out the worst in you (see video below). Recently, I met her. This also explains my recent blog: How can something be so right AND so...

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The 3 roads to Wisdom (2)

While looking for the Confucius quote for Wednesday's blog on a simple vs complicated life, I suddenly noticed this one at the top: "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” In 2019, I wrote part one of this blog, The 3 roads to Wisdom,...

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The true (wo)man wants two things: danger and play.

Recently, I noticed an intriguing quote by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900): “The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." I may not be a “true” man as I fail to recognize myself. In my view, Nietzsche may even have confused women for men. I'm reminded of the first line of a 1978 song (see below):...

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