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Men vs Women

Parental alienation

A friend asked me to include parental alienation in my recent blog The people we love the most can hurt us the most. This sensitive topic needs a separate blog. If only for this 2022 Guardian article, entitled: UN to investigate use of ‘parental alienation’ tactic in custody cases. "Parental alienation is a pathological phenomenon in which a child is convinced...

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The paradoxical origin of misogyny

Contemporary views on misogyny are quite simple: men are sexist and responsible for misogyny. No further action - let alone research - is deemed necessary. The objective fact that (nearly) all men are raised by their mothers does not even raise any suspicion. "According to a new study by researchers at the University of the Basque Country in Spain, mothers...

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Is it better being alone than being with the wrong one?

I heard the phrase above ("it's better being alone than being with with wrong one") in Cold Feet, a series rated 8.2 in IMDb. This phrase has quite some hits on the internet. Nevertheless, a recent scientific study disagrees: "Even an unhappy marriage is better for you than being alone" (Times-2023). This remarkable difference may well relate to the difference...

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China’s Demographic Balloon Is Rapidly Losing Altitude (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: China’s Demographic Balloon Is Rapidly Losing Altitude WSJ subtitle: Country’s population decline isn’t just about fewer low-cost workers. It will hit China’s development strategy in another way, too. By: Nathaniel Taplin Date: 13 February 2023 "Beijing has spent the past week needling Washington over the forcible deflation and subsequent...

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Do men really love women?

Today's blog is an interesting topic for Valentine's Day: do men really love women? The question in a Quora post is far worse: "Do men really love women, or do they just use them?" At least, I'm glad that my question is on the mind of "many" men - and even women (eg, PT-2011, JGC-2019). Today's topic was triggered by a recent conversation with a former colleague. He...

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Divorce is bad for you? Marriage can be too (Telegraph)

Telegraph title: Divorce is bad for you? Marriage can be too Telegraph subtitle: A new study claims that an unhappy union is better for your health than being single. Three writers reveal the impact their relationship breakdown hadDate: 8 February 2023 Male perspective by Simon Mills His subtitle: With morale low and blood pressure high, I was not healthy "Japanese...

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