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Is ideology responsible for stupidity?

It occurred to me that (blind) ideology might be responsible for human stupidity. According to a 2018 paper in the Journal of Degenerative Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, author James F Welles claims it is indeed: The Ideological Basis of Stupidity. Since 1990, he wrote at least 3 books on stupidity. The diagram in my recent blog on Needs, Wants,...

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Needs, Wants, Beliefs, Awakening & Wisdom

Let me start by presenting my current thoughts on today's topic through the diagram below. Please be informed that the contemporary "woke" subculture is part of human Beliefs and not of an Awakening. To a large extent, these two are even each other's opposites. The awareness in "woke" represents a blindness to anything else, which results in (highly) biased...

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‘We are erasing hundreds of years of enlightenment and critical thinking’ (Gad Saad)

Dutch Financial Times title: 'We are erasing hundreds of years of enlightenment and critical thinking’By: Marco VlotDate: 30 July 2021 Dutch Financial Times subtitle / summary:Canadian professor Gad Saad fights against so-called ‘idea pathogens’: dangerous ideas that spread like a virus into your brain and cause exclusion, division, and the end of rational thinking....

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Needs, Wants, Beliefs & Awakening (3)

Monday's blog about Awakening vs Beliefs made me wonder (again) what an Awakening actually is. I may have avoided that issue. It's (much) easier to say what it's not. An Awakening has nothing to do with the American "woke" culture or ideology: "referring to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice". It's the opposite, in...

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The Great Awokening and Its Discontents (VF)

Vanity Fair title: The Great Awokening and Its Discontents Vanity Fair subtitle: Are conservatives just too damn nice? An academic debate over the culture war in a little-known political journal has set off an unexpected storm on the right—and forced Republicans to reconsider what they really want from Donald Trump. Publication date: 7 June 2019 "The fate of any...

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