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I feel nothing

Usually, my intuition sends me a clear message: okay OR stay away. Sometimes, I do not listen to my intuition, and then my feelings get burned subsequently. For some time, there’s someone who doesn’t appear on my intuition radar. I feel nothing. I fail to understand why. Since several months, I’ve been hiding in my shell (see song below), following another...

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“Ik geloof in conflict als model om vooruit te komen, niet in consensus.”

Bovenstaande bijzondere uitspraak maakte Geert Wilders in zijn Volkskrant interview van 15 november 2023. Een merkwaardige uitspraak omdat Geert Wilders niet of nauwelijks vooruit kwam, na het conflict in 2012 tijdens zijn deelname in het Kabinet Rutte-1. De winst van Geert Wilders op 22 november 2023 is gebaseerd op een vermeende consensus, met vooral de VVD....

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When the Past is unknown, the Present and Future become relevant

My title above just entered my mind. That title might also be the reason why the human species is not really interested in its distant past. Our history seems restricted to its last 7,000 years. Anything that happened before the great flood (c.20,000-c.7,000 years ago) appears to have been lost “forever”. Perhaps, our ignorance towards our distant past has a...

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Why would I need or want AI??

Late August, Google invited me to start using Bard (for Local Guides) as I sometimes write reviews. I ignored their invitation. I have no clue why I would need and/or want Artificial Intelligence (AI) for my writing. I do, however, believe in AI for business-to-business (B2B) and even B2C purposes, like AI-4-GP. I had forgotten about this topic until the Washington...

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“Ga je wel kijken?”

Enkele maanden geleden vroeg ze me dit. Ik twijfelde toen over mijn antwoord. “Waarschijnlijk wel”, antwoordde ik. Meestal wint mijn nieuwsgierigheid. Mijn twijfel ging over het effect op mijn hart. Dat de beelden door mijn ziel zouden snijden had ik niet gedacht noch verwacht. Uit een oogpunt van zelfbescherming zal ik niet meer kijken hoe haar avontuur verloopt....

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Faith versus ideology

Recently, Pope Francis made an intriguing comment about faith versus ideology: “In other words, ideologies replace faith.” See National Review, 28 August 2023: Pope Francis Says ‘Reactionary’ U.S. Catholic Church Has Replaced Faith with ‘Ideology’. It's intriguing because any Religion = ideology. In my blogs, I separate faith from Religion. As I once said to someone...

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