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Mechanization, Automation, AI & Robotics

Last Friday, I had an epiphany following my Dutch language blog of that day. I suddenly felt that there is a hidden trend in the development from tools to mechanization to automation to AI & robotics. It took me a while to digest that thought. Please find the resulting diagram below. The meta dimensions of How-What-When-Where-Who-Why are used to verify if my...

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Helicopter parents and backseat children

My father and mother had their own business in the countryside village where my brother and I grew up. They were unable to spend much time with us. Both our parents come from large families and were (probably) used to receiving little parental supervision. My brother and I wandered around in our village and spent time with friends. Sometimes, we made mistakes and...

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Ted Lasso: Forrest Gump meets Jerry Maguire

For those who are still unaware: Ted Lasso is a superb comedy on Apple TV+ and rated 8.7 on IMDb. To some extent, the main character borrows from the feel-good movies Forrest Gump (1994, IMDb) and Jerry Maguire (1996, IMDb). Ted Lasso is heart-breaking, hilarious, sexy and vulnerable. While the mix is superb, the ingredients are simple. Ted Lasso is an American...

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We trust others like we trust ourselves

My motto is trust but verify. I borrowed it from Ronald Reagan who borrowed it from a Russian proverb (Wiki). To a large extent, my motto avoids distrusting and/or mistrusting most people (difference). I trust myself, except for my "addiction" to (Dutch) liquorice confectionery a.k.a. "drop(jes)". Once they're in stock, they must be eaten. Mostly, I...

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Confident humility

Last Wednesday, I had a telephone call in which I was reminded of a subject that had once crossed my mind and then had escaped me. I was unable to remember it - until now. In Dutch, I call it the big vs small principle. It took me a while to find an English equivalent: confident humility (eg, Buffer, Medium). Its opposite might be something like pompous...

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Arrogance & ignorance – why people are so stupid

Over the years, I've written about arrogance vs ignorance (my blogs). These characteristics are each other's opposites: the arrogance of Left and ignorance of Right (2017) and the ignorance of Nationalism and arrogance of Globalism (2017). The link between ignorance and stupidity is quite clear (eg, Saturday's blog: We’re living in a golden age of...

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