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Victim role

How do you help yourself?

At this time, someone may consider asking me: how do you help yourself? For some, this question will just be theoretical. For others, its answer will hopefully translate into a practical tool. My answer will primarily be helpful for the ones who want to survive. The ones in a victim role may say that they need or want help but their intentions will - sooner or later...

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‘We are erasing hundreds of years of enlightenment and critical thinking’ (Gad Saad)

Dutch Financial Times title: 'We are erasing hundreds of years of enlightenment and critical thinking’By: Marco VlotDate: 30 July 2021 Dutch Financial Times subtitle / summary:Canadian professor Gad Saad fights against so-called ‘idea pathogens’: dangerous ideas that spread like a virus into your brain and cause exclusion, division, and the end of rational thinking....

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About two months ago, Dutch philosopher René ten Bos wrote an opinion in the Dutch Financial Times: "the myth of self-responsibility". In Dutch: De mythe van de eigen verantwoordelijkheid. It's a well-written opinion. Still, its title bugged me. What's wrong with self-responsibility, if anything? A lack of taking self-responsibility often comes close to...

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Laughter and smiling

Wednesday night, I suddenly realised what I've been missing in my (dating) life ever since my relocation: (roaring with) laughter. I'm a pretty serious guy who loves having fun. My father used to be the fun type, while my mother was - and still is - all ratio. With hindsight, they were an unlikely and odd couple. Their two sides are like yin and yang inside me. I...

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Decoupling: de-radicalisation (6)

Decoupling: de-radicalisation (6)

Some days ago, I noticed this heading in an article from The National: "The last two attacks in London indicate UK's approach to de-radicalisation is failing". I just wondered: is de-radicalisation even an option? Radicalisation is similar to having extreme beliefs. Convicting extreme believers to jail time is more likely to increase having extreme beliefs and...

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