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Victim role

Pijnlijk, ondemocratisch, en staatsrechtelijk onjuist

Op 14 maart typeerde Geert Wilders (PVV) met bovenstaande woorden dat hij geen premier mag worden van de beoogde coalitie partners NSC en VVD (Telegraaf). Die partijen draaien vooral om die conclusie heen. Ik vermoed dat de woorden van Geert Wilders vooral met de PVV kiezers te maken hebben. Die gedachte laat mij niet los. Is Geert Wilders reeds bezig om zijn...

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The benefit of the doubt

Everyone understands the meaning of my blog title. Nevertheless, it’s hard to explain the how, what, when, who, and the why. Perhaps, the benefit of the doubt relates to a conflict between consciousness (eg, ratio) and subconscious (eg, emotion). Probably, doubt is settled once a side has “won”. The benefit of the doubt relates to all three domains: Love, Knowledge,...

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All warfare is based on deception (Sun Tzu)

If all warfare is - indeed - based on deception, would disinformation then qualify as lying? A simple answer would be a Yes. A complex answer would first look at human intentions. It could be argued that the victim has good intentions (eg, survival), while the aggressor has bad intentions. “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack,...

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The collective human memory loss

A friend has been hammering me on our European collective memory loss. His views are correct though incomplete. The entire human race "suffers" from a collective memory loss. Psychology articles claim this is an evolutionary advantage (eg, BT-2023). It enables us to be survivors and not victims. There is an "exception" to the above. Several scientific articles argue...

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Does crime fiction reflect reality?

I like several British and Scandinavian TV crime series. Recently, I started wondering if (their) crime fiction reflects reality? Based on my initial research, the answer seems clear: yes. Even in the Netherlands, there is a correlation: Baantjer (crime in Amsterdam), Penoza (drugs crime in Brabant). Statistics show that the "homicide rate in the UK was 1.2 per...

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Damaged goods (2)

Late 2015, I published my blog Damaged goods. Recently, I noticed a Tiny Buddha post: you'll keep meeting the same person in different bodies until you learn the lesson. With hindsight, this feels valid in my situation. However, which lesson should I learn? The picture at the right?? a Tiny Buddha post source I also consider myself as damaged goods. The main...

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