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Bipartisan politics: between autocracy and multi-party coalition

Recently, Allister Heath (b.1977) wrote an intriguing article in The Telegraph, entitled: For the first time in my life, I’m now beginning to think Britain is finished. Its subtitle was another clear message: "The country’s self-image as tolerant, decent and hard-working is being smashed. It’s only going to get worse". My main thought was: what is the difference...

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Exit strategy (2)

I suppose that every commitment has an exit strategy. In Love, it’s called a breakup. In Knowledge, it’s about cancellations of contracts (eg, business, divorce, subscriptions). In Power, it’s about the exit of a member (eg, Brexit, Congress, NATO). Also see part 1 of this blog (2021). The idea for part 2 is the increasing sentiment for ending the (financial and...

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An elderly man with a poor memory OR a criminal??

Recently, the option "None of the above" won the primary election in Nevada. The (conservative) Washington Times was clear: "Trump vs. Biden? America should vote ‘none of the above’. The 2024 US presidential election is a choice between an "elderly man with a poor memory" and a criminal. Most likely, the US Supreme Court will allow Trump to be elected in 2024. Most...

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Blind vertrouwen

Recent vroeg ik een ex-vriendin wat ze van mij wil. "Niets", beweerde ze. In het verleden heeft ze echter tegen mij gelogen, en die kwesties waren nogal belangrijk. Ik vertelde haar dat mijn blind vertrouwen verdwenen is, en dat mijn vertrouwen in haar fragiel is. Haar antwoord: "Vertrouw je instinct". Na enige nachten wikken en wegen zei mijn instinct dat ik haar...

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Spain has a new socialist government after its leader (and Prime Minister) made an amnesty deal with convicted separatists, hiding outside Spain. This new Spanish government will be a minority government. Spanish courts may, however, still block this political amnesty deal. Donald Trump has similar intentions: he hopes to win the 2024 U.S. presidential election and...

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First Criminal of the United States (FiCUS)

Jill Biden is the First Lady of the United States or FLOTUS. There's a new category now: First Criminal of the United States or FiCUS. The presumption of innocence makes no logical sense - in his case. I'm quite sure that this "deeply wounded narcissist" would be loud and proud carrying his latest title. His latest indictment is his most serious one: "efforts to...

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