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Drivers of Change: a 2022 update

Several of my blogs have mentioned the drivers of Change, which govern everything around us. Late April 2018, I published my initial blog Drivers of Change, which included a rather complex diagram. I suppose I was still arranging my thoughts. Today, I present a much simpler diagram. Perhaps, the single most important item in my diagram is the Blueprint of our...

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Why life is faster but depression is lower in bigger cities (Aeon)

Introduction LO: I selected this article for a review because it's (i) counterintuitive and (ii) contradicts scientific research. Latter is also acknowledged in this article: "For decades, the conflicting experiences of city living have led urbanites and scholars to ask: are cities bad for mental health? The conventional wisdom and scientific answer for...

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Why does history repeat?

Last week, the following thought entered my mind: Are all crises caused by human stupidity? If so, does that explain why history repeats? I'm inclined to say "yes" to both questions. In general, geological processes take (very) many thousands of years (eg, glacial periods, interglacial periods, magnetic pole reversal, ocean current reversal, Earth's wobble). There's...

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The Dutch childcare benefits scandal

The childcare benefits scandal that toppled the (still outgoing) Dutch Cabinet is still expanding. At least 1,115 children have been taken away from their families due to that same scandal. These parents lost everything while they were being drowned in debt, following clawback activities by the Dutch tax authorities. A friend told me that the Belgian approach is the...

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Woningnood versus vakantiewoningen

De laatste maanden wordt er veel geschreven over woningnood. Er zou een tekort van circa 1 miljoen woningen zijn. In die beschouwing over woningnood wordt zelden de voorraad recreatie en vakantie woningen genoemd. Diverse bronnen stellen dat er ruim 130.000 recreatiewoningen zijn (bron 1, bron 2, CBS). Dit aantal is exclusief de zgn. tweede (of derde)...

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The Great Filter in civilizations: a conclusion

For a long time, I’ve wondered about the Great Filter in civilizations. Why do initial successful civilizations eventually fail? It also relates to the Fermi paradox: if there is any extraterrestrial civilization, why haven't they contacted us by now? All civilizations seem doomed to fail after their initial success; often for unknown reasons (eg, Cahokia, USA)....

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