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Friendships: different or similar like you?

On 6 February 2024, an Aeon Psyche article posed the following question in its title: “Is it better to have friends who are like you or different from you?“ Before reading its conclusion, I checked my gut feeling. In my view, similar is more likely than different. I was right. There’s an adjacent field: relationships. People often say that opposites attract. Merriam...

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Exit strategy (2)

I suppose that every commitment has an exit strategy. In Love, it’s called a breakup. In Knowledge, it’s about cancellations of contracts (eg, business, divorce, subscriptions). In Power, it’s about the exit of a member (eg, Brexit, Congress, NATO). Also see part 1 of this blog (2021). The idea for part 2 is the increasing sentiment for ending the (financial and...

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Timmermans versus Wilders

Afgaande op artikelen in kranten (o.a. Telegraaf) zijn nieuwe Tweede Kamer (TK) verkiezingen aanstaande. De wederzijdse uithalen suggereren een strijd tussen GL+PvdA (Frans Timmermans) en PVV (Geert Wilders). Het aanstaande vertrek van Mark Rutte maakt de VVD nogal irrelevant. Onlangs maakte BNR econoom Kees de Kort een scherpzinnige opmerking in het Financieel...

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Does a Superpower need pragmatism?

Before Covid-19, many articles assumed that the Chinese economy would soon surpass the American economy. Even before Covid-19, I never believed that. Nowadays, many articles assume that China may never become an economic Superpower. As long as the CCCP rules, that new belief is valid. Hence, my blog title: does a Superpower need pragmatism? In my view, ideology will...

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Strategy vs tactics

A growing number of Brits want to rejoin the EU (eg, YouGov). For the EU, there is no operational or tactical need. Strategically, the EU would be more powerful against China and USA; this is, however, a belief. The enlargement of the European Union is causing a similar debate (eg, EuroNews, Politico, Reuters). The Dutch PM made an interesting (Dutch) comment about...

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Mitigating country risk in supply-chain management

Country risk used to be a somewhat minor risk management issue in banking. Today, it has become a major issue in business' supply-chain management due to China (eg, zero-Covid policy) and Russia (eg, sanctions and nationalizations following invasion of Ukraine). Hence, this recent Bloomberg comment: "Hard evidence is now emerging that all the discussions of strained...

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