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Hallmark Christmas films

I've been watching Hallmark Christmas films again on Amazon Prime Video. Yes, these films are entirely predictable. Yes, some actors are out of their depth. Nevertheless, I love watching those scenic locations (eg, countryside, snowy mountains), and their cosy, farm, and/or majestic houses. Hallmark films usually show rural America which is indeed quite different...

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Brazil: 45% in poverty, yet only 50.9% for Lula

I don't really understand the outcome of the 2022 Brazilian general and presidential elections (Wiki). At least 45% of the 216 million people live in (extreme) poverty (source). Nevertheless, only 50.9% voted for Lula. An ironic explanation is that the more wealthy citizens become, the less likely they will vote for Labour-Left. The same trend is visible in Europe,...

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Analysis: Decade of central bank largesse haunts taxpayers as losses loom (Reuters)

Reuters: Analysis: Decade of central bank largesse haunts taxpayers as losses loom By: Francesco Canepa Date: 25 October 2022 "Summary Central banks to make losses as rates riseTaxpayers on the hook if bailout neededPressure mounts to cut interest payments to banks FRANKFURT, Oct 25 (Reuters) - For more than a decade since the global financial crisis, central...

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Nationalism is more than its many “njets”

Globalism has a simple vision: more prosperity. This vision worked (very) well for the "happy few" but not for all. Hence, dissatisfaction with globalism caused a fertile ground for nationalism, including its ultimate act: Brexit (2016). Brexit's utter failure serves globalism well. In my view, nationalism could work. A recent article in The Conversation states that...

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The Global Economy Enters ‘Eye of a New Storm’ (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: The Global Economy Enters ‘Eye of a New Storm’ By: Simon Kennedy Date: 3 October 2022  Shockwaves Forget Nike Town. It’s more Nike down, these days. Shares of the sportswear giant plunged the most in two decades last week. The main reason was a 65% surge in inventories during the fiscal first quarter through August. But the...

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Balancing competition and cooperation (3)

The 1978 term "winter of discontent" is popular once again, for various reasons (eg, 2021 global energy crisis, 2022 food crises, 2021-2022 global supply chain crisis). Citizens blame their governments (eg, DutchNews). The EU blames the national governments for acting late or not all (eg, Wiley, T&F online). Balancing competition versus cooperation is hard. See...

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