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Western Europe’s cynicism about Ukrainian suffering (FT)

Introduction LO: Simon Kuper is a great writer and he proves it again, below. This must-read article should make you think (again) about the various European and the American position(s) in this war between Russia and Ukraine. Yesterday, the EU announced its backing of the EU candidate status of Ukraine (and Moldova ! ). Its “assessment [is] based on the...

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Germany Is Rising Above History to Support Ukraine (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Germany Is Rising Above History to Support Ukraine Bloomberg subtitle: Despite the constraints imposed by Germany’s past, geography and politics, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has made clear that he and the country stand firmly against Russian aggression. Opinion by: Leonid Bershidsky Date: 12 May 2022 "Compared with the vocal and lavish...

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Ohlala, the sighs of French relief

The media claim that the French president comfortably won his re-election by about 16 points (58 vs 42). In and of itself, this is true. A conspiracy site claims that the election was stolen by vote tampering and by the EU. Both sides fail to recognise or appreciate how close Le Pen was from winning this election. The media like to paint Le Pen and her party as...

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What’s next after globalization?

Several articles express that the Western sanctions, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mark the end of globalization (eg, Axios). I tend to agree with that. Hence, my blog's title: what's next after globalization? See Wikipedia for illustration. To a large extent, these changes are like swing of a pendulum. This results in swings between (amongst others):...

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Peace dividends and European welfare states

On 28 January 2022, a Pittsburgh bridge collapsed hours before a visit of the 46th US president to promote his Build Back Better Plan, a huge investment in US infrastructure (eg, CNN). The irony was not lost on me. Ever since, I've been wondering about military spending, infrastructure and welfare. The final push for this blog came from this article in The...

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Ukraine marks an end to Brexit illusions (FT)

Financial Times title: Ukraine marks an end to Brexit illusionsFT subtitle: Lofty dreams of a tilt to the Indo-Pacific must give way to the real threat of war in EuropeBy: Robert ShrimsleyDate: 2 March 2022 “Just as few military plans survive first contact with the enemy, so few grand diplomatic visions outlast exposure to reality. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is...

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