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Trial by media

There used to be a time when you were innocent until proven guilty. This concept was called the presumption of innocence. It makes perfect sense that allegations must be proven because how do you prove your innocence? My 2018 blog is even more relevant due to ongoing trials by media. Usually, the old Dutch and English saying applies: where there is smoke, there is...

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If you’re not paying for the product, then YOU are the product

Last Friday, a free antivirus tool was accused of selling sensitive data of about 5 million of its Dutch users (eg, Telegraaf, Wiki). The Dutch indeed love free stuff and thus make an easy target. In a distant past, I've used this Windows tool as well. Such tools are, however, quite irrelevant in macOS. Back then, I assumed this Czech company was Dutch. For that...

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En toen kwam jij …….

Al heel lang staat er een onderwerp op mijn lijst, waarvan ik niet wist wat ik ermee aan moest: en toen kwam jij ..... Het leek nergens op te slaan tot die zondag in april. Ik hoorde jou zeggen dat je een vriend voor het leven zoekt. Dat zette me aan het denken. Diezelfde nacht viel het kwartje. De volgende dag ben ik je gaan zoeken. Het duurde niet heel lang...

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If you don’t like the rules, change the game

Late March, I published my blog: If you can’t win the game, change the rules. Recently, I considered entering into a game following an opportunity. I did not like the rules of that game and decided not to participate. Hence, my blog title: If you don't like the rules, change the game. Strictly speaking, my game comes with an immense downside: losing it all. I'm not...

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Does crime fiction reflect reality?

I like several British and Scandinavian TV crime series. Recently, I started wondering if (their) crime fiction reflects reality? Based on my initial research, the answer seems clear: yes. Even in the Netherlands, there is a correlation: Baantjer (crime in Amsterdam), Penoza (drugs crime in Brabant). Statistics show that the "homicide rate in the UK was 1.2 per...

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Boredom vs curiosity

Lately, I've been watching movies or series, either on streaming media or on TV, that are boring. However, boredom is a prerequisite for curiosity, either external (ie, through our senses) or internal (ie, inside your mind). See my blogs on boredom versus curiosity. I suppose I should make some kind of a change in my life. I'm clueless about what (kind of) change....

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