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Vera (TV series)

Recently, I finally started watching season 1 (2011) of Vera, a TV series rated at 8.1 on IMDb. My rating is a 9. Soon, I'll start watching season 12 (2023) of 14 (2025). Actually, my earlier perception of this series has been very, very wrong. This crime series is excellent despite its main character (ie, Vera). "Vera is a British crime...

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Apple cancels its autonomous electric car project

Intro LO: Apple’s decision (to cancel its autonomous electric car project) may well be far more important than it looks like. Probably, it will also imply that Tesla will never be able to deliver on its many (similar) promises. Once that thought sinks in, Tesla’s share price will sink further. Autonomous driving has five (or six) levels (source): Level 0: no Driving...

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Sinds enkele weken heb ik af en toe momenten dat ik me verveel. Meestal gebeurt dat ‘s avonds. Dit gevoel is nieuw. Ik weet niet goed waarom. Mogelijke verklaringen zijn het nieuwe jaar, gebrek aan inspiratie, het stoppen met dating, en/of het opzeggen van TV streaming diensten. Waarschijnlijk voorkomt mijn online spel dat mijn verveling vaker gebeurt. Het...

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Streaming wars

In the late 1960s, I saw TV for the very first time. Broadcasts were still in black and white. In the late 1980s, Dutch commercial TV stations started (Wiki). The competition between commercial and public broadcasters was tough. Some people predicted that TV was dead when Netflix arrived. Today, the main competition is between fixed-time TV (commercial and public)...

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Trial by media

There used to be a time when you were innocent until proven guilty. This concept was called the presumption of innocence. It makes perfect sense that allegations must be proven because how do you prove your innocence? My 2018 blog is even more relevant due to ongoing trials by media. Usually, the old Dutch and English saying applies: where there is smoke, there is...

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If you’re not paying for the product, then YOU are the product

Last Friday, a free antivirus tool was accused of selling sensitive data of about 5 million of its Dutch users (eg, Telegraaf, Wiki). The Dutch indeed love free stuff and thus make an easy target. In a distant past, I've used this Windows tool as well. Such tools are, however, quite irrelevant in macOS. Back then, I assumed this Czech company was Dutch. For that...

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