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Modern Love (Amazon Prime Video)

Modern Love is a section in The New York Times, "a "weekly column, a book, a podcast — and now, in its 17th year, a television show — about relationships, feelings, betrayals and revelations". This NYT section is about real stories with real people. Often, such stories are more interesting and surprising than fiction, which is always limited by a writer's...

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Ted Lasso: Forrest Gump meets Jerry Maguire

For those who are still unaware: Ted Lasso is a superb comedy on Apple TV+ and rated 8.7 on IMDb. To some extent, the main character borrows from the feel-good movies Forrest Gump (1994, IMDb) and Jerry Maguire (1996, IMDb). Ted Lasso is heart-breaking, hilarious, sexy and vulnerable. While the mix is superb, the ingredients are simple. Ted Lasso is an American...

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The mix is far more important than the ingredients

Last Tuesday, I was fooling around with my Apple TV+ subscription. It features a soccer related comedy series called Ted Lasso. I was flabbergasted noticing its 8.7 rating in IMDb, which is already very high for a TV series and exceptionally high for a comedy. The mix in this series is superb while the ingredients are rather simple. The same applies to the homicide...

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Bosch (Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime Video features a police series with an exceptionally high IMDb rating: Bosch (# 8.4). I ignored that series for quite some time as that rating was hard to believe. Last Tuesday, I completed season 6. The 7th and final season will air on 25 June 2021 (Express). My IMDb rating is even higher than its 8.4 average: a 9 because a 10...

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Chinese Smart TV-Maker Accused of Spying on Owners’ Other Devices (RFA)

RFA title: Chinese Smart TV-Maker Accused of Spying on Owners' Other DevicesBy: Radio Free AsiaDate: 27 April 2021"2021-04-27 -- A China-based manufacturer of smart televisions has been accused of spying on its users by scanning their homes for other devices connected to the wifi network every few minutes, owners of the devices have reported on social media.Smart...

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Lupin (Netflix series)

There's a new Netflix series that is worth watching: Lupin. It has a 7.7 on IMDb. The plot is a mix of (i) taking revenge for a wrongdoing, while (ii) outsmarting opponents. Hence, the plot borrows from two other great films: The Count of Monte Cristo (based on 1844 book by Alexandre Dumas) and The Thomas Crown Affair (adapted from original...

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