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Is Turkey more trouble to NATO than it is worth? (Economist)

The Economist title: Is Turkey more trouble to NATO than it is worth? The Economist subtitle: Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is the alliance’s loose cannon Date: 16 June 2022 The Economist "The received wisdom is that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has breathed new life, and a new sense of purpose, urgency and unity into nato. Someone forgot to tell Recep...

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Controlling the narrative

Last week, the line above entered my mind and refused to go. My 2021 blog, Controlling the Data-Information narrative, was on a related though individual or micro level. My current blog title is (probably) on a macro level. The first thing that comes to my mind is a recent FT article about hypocrisy versus lies. Western countries are eager to promote their way of...

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Democracy might be in crisis. But Autocracy certainly is (FT)

Financial Times title: Democracy might be in crisis. But Autocracy certainly is FT subtitle: From the 2008 crisis on, authoritarians were praised for their ‘efficiency’. Their troubles dwarf ours By: Simon Kuper Date: 12 May 2022 “Crisis of democracy” is a cliché of our time. But what about the even more consequential crisis of autocracy? Just watch the meltdowns in...

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The World and a Small War (GPF)

GeoPolitical Futures title: The World and a Small War By: George Friedman Date: 19 April 2022 "No war is small when you are living in it, but the world is large, and large wars are rare. At the same time, wars reverberate in unexpected ways. A small war here might make another war elsewhere deadlier, or it might help prevent a war elsewhere. No war can be understood...

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The victim to offender cycle

In past centuries, Russia was invaded several times by (a.o.): Turkey (1570-1572), Poland (1609-1618), Sweden (1708-1709), France (1812), Japan (1918-1922), and Germany (1941). The roles were reversed after WW2. To date, Russia invaded Georgia (2008), Crimea and Donbas (both 2014) and Ukraine (2022). The above paragraph is an (international)...

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The Emerging Order (GPF)

GeoPolitical futures title: The Emerging Order By: George Friedman Date: 29 March 2022 "I am writing this from Dubai, on a trip I will describe on my return to the United States. A summit was held in Israel over the weekend between Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Israel and the United States. The meeting was designed to back the U.S. into a...

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