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Why are people lying?

Last Saturday's blog, Men and women both lie in dating profiles, but not about the same things (Big Think), resulted in a private message. She was curious why people are lying in their dating profile because the truth will come out during the first date. I had had a similar thought but had ignored it. This topic was more difficult than I anticipated given the (very)...

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Men and women both lie in dating profiles, but not about the same things (Big Think)

Big Think title: Men and women both lie in dating profiles, but not about the same things BT subtitle: One study estimated that 80% of people include “deviations” from the truth in their online profiles. By: Jonny Thomson Date: 10 August 2022 "KEY TAKEAWAYS 80% of people lie about themselves in their dating profiles. But what they lie about likely depends on their...

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Logical vs Rational

In several of my recent blogs, I used the words logical and rational without giving it much thought - initially. A Google search on examples of (il)logical and (ir)rational remained fruitless. Hence, I made a diagram myself. My diagram contains my usual suspects, being: Nassim Nicholas Taleb's distinction between (un)known (un)knowns;Karl Popper's distinction in...

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‘Why are my beliefs different?’

Recently, I noticed the above question in a Guardian article. Beliefs are unknown knowns: we know that we do not know but we still believe. This definition does, however, neither answer nor change the nature of the question above. Example: our individual beliefs about God are very different. “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony of...

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Judging people

Tuesday last week, several people commented on my draft blog on Parenting. One of them included a nasty judgement about me without even knowing me. We live 2,000+ kilometers away. She claims she is my friend and even her brother. To me, her comment felt as betrayal of our (online) friendship. Her comment didn't hurt me though because you can only hurt someone with...

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Is ‘false knowledge’ an oxymoron?

Recently, a friend sent me a quote by George Bernard Shaw (see image below). That quote puzzled me. Something felt wrong. Then I realized it's an oxymoron: "a figure of speech that juxtaposes concepts with opposing meanings within a word or phrase that creates an ostensible self-contradiction." source Snopes and Quote Investigator both confirm that George Bernard...

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