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Trial by media

There used to be a time when you were innocent until proven guilty. This concept was called the presumption of innocence. It makes perfect sense that allegations must be proven because how do you prove your innocence? My 2018 blog is even more relevant due to ongoing trials by media. Usually, the old Dutch and English saying applies: where there is smoke, there is...

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Intelligence is (not) a curse

A recent discussion with a friend made me think of a saying: intelligence is a curse (eg, see quote below). There is indeed some truth in that saying. In his famous poem of 1742, Thomas Gray suggested something similar: "[..] ignorance is bliss [..]". Is our intelligence really to blame?? My friend is an intelligent woman. She is determined that things must go as...

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Ideology vs reality

There's a Dutch saying that translates like the shore will stop the ship (ie, #16). There's no English equivalent. To some extent, it means that you can only push someone or things so far before they break (eg, source). I was reminded of this saying after reading that the GOP in Alabama ignores court rulings. My blog title has an implicit question: Is reality (eg,...

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How to deal with someone’s denial

"Overcoming denial often depends on the nature of the problem. People often come to terms with the reality of a situation on their own given time and support." (source). I suppose this answer is valid. Still, by not challenging someone's denial, it may/will feel like denying someone's denial. In my past, I would confront someone's denial. I used to believe that...

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Tainted love

Recently, I had a weird experience following a conversation with a new friend from Argentina. She told me that her grandfather was born in Belgium. When I researched his name, a shady past emerged from various sources. I assumed she knew. She did not, despite some family rumours. She loved her grandfather a lot and was astonished to hear "my" version of the truth....

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Desinformatie of slechts onwelgevallige informatie?

De Volkskrant, 31 augustus 2023: "Een grote meerderheid van de Nederlanders wil dat de overheid of de Europese Unie optreedt tegen online desinformatie. Bijna de helft vindt zelfs dat de vrijheid van meningsuiting moet wijken als mensen gevaarlijke informatie delen." Wat is eigenlijk desinformatie?? Mijns inziens is desinformatie hetzelfde als onwelgevallige...

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