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How are you sure that you forgave someone?

Most of the time, my question above is irrelevant because we have already forgotten what happened. It appears that forgetting = forgiving. Sometimes, we cannot forget past wrongdoings (eg, by others or ourself). Does this then imply the opposite: not forgetting = not forgiving? Not really. Once you love someone you will not forget and/but you will always forgive....

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What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? Bloomberg subtitle: Instead of revolutionizing finance, crypto is largely repeating its mistakes. Let the buyer beware. By: the Bloomberg Opinion Editorial Board Date: 10 November 2022 "Cryptocurrencies were supposed to usher in a new and better era of finance. Instead of relying on fragile, stodgy...

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Brazil: 45% in poverty, yet only 50.9% for Lula

I don't really understand the outcome of the 2022 Brazilian general and presidential elections (Wiki). At least 45% of the 216 million people live in (extreme) poverty (source). Nevertheless, only 50.9% voted for Lula. An ironic explanation is that the more wealthy citizens become, the less likely they will vote for Labour-Left. The same trend is visible in Europe,...

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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

On 30 September 2022, the Dutch Statistics Agency reported that the average inflation over September amounted to 17,1% (CBS). It surprised me because it didn't feel that way. The Dutch Press Agency reported that this 17,1% included the October energy rate increases (ANP). Hence, my blog title. Something similar happened over the last decade: the enormous increases...

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Did China overestimate its births? Leaked data raises questions (Nikkei)

Nikkei Asia title: Did China overestimate its births? Leaked data raises questions Nikkei subtitle: Differences between official census, hacked information identified by scholar in U.S. By: IORI KAWATE, Nikkei staff writer Date: 25 September 2022 “BEIJING -- A trove of data obtained in a massive cybersecurity breach has raised questions as to whether the Chinese...

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Space travel

The Universe is expanding. Each year, the (accelerating) distance to our Moon is "increasing at the rate of about 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches) per year" (source). In the absence of (imaginary) faster than light space travel technology, planets that we can still see now, will then be too far away to visit. Notwithstanding the above, we are still planning new visits...

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