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Trias politica

Will the German Federal court confirm the Polish ruling?

The recent ruling by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal was rather smart: only some parts of EU treaties are incompatible with the Polish constitution (eg, BBC, Reuters). Hence, the majority of EU treaties is compatible. You will, however, not read that conclusion in any mainstream media. Nearly all media are only interested in: click-bait-fight until future...

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How CEOs became the 4th branch of government (Axios)

Axios title: How CEOs became the 4th branch of governmentBy: Felix Salmon, author of CapitalDate: 12 January 2021 "America needs law and order — but emphatically not the kind that President Trump has in mind when he uses the phrase. That's the message being sent by a broad coalition of CEOs who are silencing Trump and punishing his acolytes in Congress. Why it...

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Stewing Conflict Between German High Court and the EU Could Boil Over (der Spiegel)

Introduction LO: This article represents a very important topic that has featured several times in my blogs. It can be summarized as follows:- the heads of European national states appoint (and fire) the heads of the EU Commission and EU Council;- the national parliaments need to ratify EU decisions;- hence, national Supreme Courts must be superior to the European...

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Critocracy, dikastocracy, or kritarchy

More and more, judges in Europe and USA fulfil an additional role in the trias politica or separation of powers. Next to their (original) judicial role, they are adopting a legislative role (eg, Shell verdict, ECB vs German Federal Constitutional Court, ECJ vs Polish Constitutional Court) due to the increasing impotence of the belief system Politics, both in Europe...

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Separation of Powers in European Union

Separation of Powers in European Union

The European Union is not a Federation but an economic - and not a political - union of 27 countries. However, Germany is a Federation of 16 constituent states. Unlike other EU countries, Germany has a Federal Constitutional Court (FCC), which "is the supreme constitutional court for the Federal Republic of Germany". This German FCC is the subject of a...

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