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We moeten ons afvragen: wat betekent ‘2G’ voor de democratie? (NRC)

NRC titel: We moeten ons afvragen: wat betekent ‘2G’ voor de democratie?NRC ondertitel: Dat bij 2G echt iets op het spel staat, lijkt het kabinet niet te beseffen. Andersdenkenden worden uit de samenleving verstoten, schrijft Fleur Jongepier.Datum: 14 november 2021 "Wanneer ik mij een voorstelling maak van de protesterende ongevaccineerden, waarvan een flink...

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Democrats getting undemocratic and liberals getting illiberal

All over the world, you can see a similar trend: democrats getting undemocratic and liberals getting illiberal. Intolerance (eg, for people thinking differently) is increasing. My blog is not about the (lack of) legality of that trend (eg, Austria, USA). My blog is about the Why of this trend. Last Sunday, Dutch ethics professor Fleur Jongepier was warning the Dutch...

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Intolerance and urbanisation

The recent French verdict on rooster Maurice (my blog) shows the growing intolerance amongst humans following reduced personal space due to ongoing urbanisation. Various countries now have political parties advocating animal rights (Wiki list). In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights....

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Rooster ‘Was Just Being Himself’: Court Rules He Can Keep Crowing (NYT)

NY Times title: Rooster ‘Was Just Being Himself’: Court Rules He Can Keep Crowing Publication date: 5 September 2019 "PARIS — The most famous rooster in France can continue to crow. So ruled a French judge on Thursday, rejecting a claim by neighbors on the southwestern island of Oléron that the fowl, named Maurice, was a nuisance and made too much noise. The judge...

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The paradox of tolerance

For some time, I'm puzzled by the intolerance of the Dutch Left. In America, this topic has already been covered since 2017 (eg, Heritage, Odyssey, Politico). The Dutch left-wing response to the recent election victory of a right-wing nationalist was full of (extreme) intolerance (eg, Dutch News, NL-Times). Apparently, the "tolerant" Left fights alleged...

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