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Tipping Points

Ai No Corona (2) – micro vs macro

According to a recent article in The Independent, "45% of people infected with [corona] virus show ‘no or minimal symptoms’, new figures indicate". I am probably one of those persons. Apart from some occasional shivers over my spine and some extra tiredness, I feel nothing. No lack of breath, no coughing, and hardly a raised temperature. There is no need to...

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The 2019 U.S. liquidity crisis

Something unusual occurred on 17 September 2019: a liquidity crisis in the American repo-market causing high overnight interest rates (ie, 6-10%). That incident was treated as a one-off event, which it was not. This liquidity crisis still persists despite the Fed pumping in 225 billion dollars for financing repo transactions since September 17 (FD)....

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A new Moscow on the Hudson (4)

In March 2015, I wrote my blog A new Moscow on the Hudson. The title of my blog was a reference to a 1984 movie, featuring one of my favourite actors: Robin Williams (IMDb, Wiki). My March 2019 follow-up blog concluded that my 2015 prediction appears to become reality. My 2015 prediction is similar as Ray Dalio's recent warning below: a (political)...

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The future of Automotive

In my November 2018 blog on Urbanization, car ownership, and house ownership, I predicted a consolidation amongst car manufacturers. On 15 January 2019, Ford and Volkswagen announced their collaboration through a "global alliance" (eg, FT, Guardian, Verge). This American-European alliance is setting the industry trend. My October 2015 blog predicted...

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The new generational conflict and divide

Recently, several newspapers reported that the Chinese population declined for the first time in 70 years (eg, Japan Times). Such a decline has become quite normal for many Western countries when disregarding the influx of immigrants and refugees. A population decline may indeed cause a "demographic crisis" because the percentage of children will shrink rapidly and...

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