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What defines a SuperPower?

Until about a year ago, many articles claimed that China would surpass the USA as an (economic) SuperPower. I never believed those articles. China did and does not meet the SuperPower criteria. Today, many articles assume that USA may not be surpassed. I doubt that too. The Roman Empire was - probably - the first global empire. Alternatively, it was a multi-regional...

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Natural Stupidity vs Artificial Intelligence

Introduction LO: This comparison makes logical sense. If and when human stupidity is society's default then artificial stupidity (eg, PS-2023, Tilburg University-2022) would make (much) more sense than artificial intelligence. Today, it's impossible that technology would be more intelligent than humans. Source: my 2017 blog Human intelligence includes 4 areas: Known...

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The only 3 pieces of jewellery men should wear

Introduction LO: Several decades ago, I heard or read the advice below. The key message was that jewellery are for women; not for men. I felt it made sense and have never worn items again, like a tie clip. That advice was, however, also a reason to start focusing on wrist watches, which became an expensive hobby. In 2010, most of my watches were stolen; probably due...

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Panic in Beijing (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg New Economy title: Panic in Beijing By: Chris Anstey Date: 22 July 2023 "For years, Xi Jinping has browbeaten China’s big private-sector companies as he increased Communist Party control of the economy, all while codifying the primacy of national-security. Now it seems he’s surprised at the result. With private-sector investment contracting in...

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Recently, a friend posted some nice vacation pictures from France, and I liked them. He then asked me about my 2023 vacation plans. I told him that I have none. He asked me why. His question was simple but my answer is not. There appear to be many and even complex reasons. My last vacation was mid 2014. Back then, I was still celebrating the apparent ending of my...

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The EV Demand Problem (Reuters)

Reuters title: The EV Demand Problem By: Joseph White, Global Automotive Correspondent Date: 10 July 2023 "Global demand for electric vehicles is growing – but not fast enough and not at the prices most automakers need to make money. That’s one conclusion to draw from the messy, mystifying and now failed effort by automakers in China to call a truce in...

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