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AI’s missing revenues

A mid July 2024 Axios Markets article (see below) suggests that we are getting closer to the burst of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bubble. That burst will be similar to the burst of the bubble in early 2000. Also see my related 2023 blog bubble vs AI hype. The burst of the “imminent” AI bubble will cause a parting between B2B and B2C companies....

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Is decoupling causing supply-side inflation?

A recent Bloomberg article is responsible for the question in my blog title: China Premier Warns Decoupling Will Lead to ‘Destructive Spiral’. My 2 April 2024 blog questioned a related topic: Inflation: from supply-side to demand-side? Like my 4 April 2023 blog, I concluded that “we are stuck with supply-side inflation.” My 2023 and 2024 blogs did,...

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“There can be mystery in a win, but not in a loss.”

According to a recent Nikkei Asia article, my blog title is a quote attributed to a “well-known professional baseball coach”. I tried to find that name but I failed. That Nikkei Asia article is, however, not about sports but about politics (ie, the presidential election results in India). In my view, my blog title is a universal truth in (all) areas like business,...

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Finding our goals in life

Usually, we do not think about finding our goals in life. Those goals arrive “automatically” and/or subconsciously. For nearly everyone, our primary goal is survival (eg, food, housing, water). For most of us, money is our secondary goal in life because money satisfies our needs and our wants. When our needs and our wants (in life) have been satisfied then finding...

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AI needs embodied cognition??

Intro LO: There are four levels in human consciousness: Unknown unknowns resulting in fantasy (eg, fiction); Known unknowns resulting in beliefs (eg, science-fiction); Unknown knowns resulting in intuition (eg, innovation); Known knowns resulting in knowledge (eg, science, technology) and in tools. The Axios AI+ article below is indeed consistent with “ancient”...

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Is Apple a monopoly??

Since about 2016, Google’s Android mobile operating system has a market share of over 70%. Apple’s market share is slightly below 30%. The remaining 1% belongs to several others. See graphs below. source: StatCounter source: StatCounter Hence, the American (and European) accusation of monopolistic behaviour by Apple seems to make no logical or rational sense. Might...

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