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Technological Revolution 1800-2100

What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: What Have We Learned From the FTX-Binance Debacle? Bloomberg subtitle: Instead of revolutionizing finance, crypto is largely repeating its mistakes. Let the buyer beware. By: the Bloomberg Opinion Editorial Board Date: 10 November 2022 "Cryptocurrencies were supposed to usher in a new and better era of finance. Instead of relying on fragile, stodgy...

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The Evolution of Great Powers (George Friedman)

Introduction LO: In my June 23 blog, Identity vs Power: dialects, I inserted a reference to this GPF article because I came to a similar conclusion: The answer must relate to Identity vs Power. Large countries are often powerful (eg, economic, military). Small countries often lack such power. Technology can, however, create a...

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Why do we have labour shortages?

Recently, someone said to me - jokingly - that I am an example why we have labour shortages. Indeed, one could argue that I could work and that I do not work. However, my (post 2013 burnout) situation is already lasting for nearly 10 years. The post-Covid-19 situation is only since 2022. Where did all workers go? Clearly, the 2020-2022 Covid-19 fatalities do not...

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How to solve a growing economy and a declining workforce?

On 1 February 2022, the FT reported that "Japan’s population shrank by 630,000 people [in 2021], or one Luxembourg. Between now and 2040, it is forecast to have declined by a further 16mn, or one Cambodia." This news will be our new reality, following decades of doom messages on overpopulation. Labour shortages are already common, while the Covid-19 pandemic is...

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How did we get so far??

In yesterday's blog, stagflation vs inflation, I finally put in writing that what has been bugging me for a long time: "It’s a miracle (to me) that we have come so far despite the abundance of human stupidity." One could argue that the interglacial period following the Last Glacial Maximum allowed us to rewrite human history, given the worldwide destruction due to...

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