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Technological Revolution 1800-2100

Apple cancels its autonomous electric car project

Intro LO: Apple’s decision (to cancel its autonomous electric car project) may well be far more important than it looks like. Probably, it will also imply that Tesla will never be able to deliver on its many (similar) promises. Once that thought sinks in, Tesla’s share price will sink further. Autonomous driving has five (or six) levels (source): Level 0: no Driving...

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When the Past is unknown, the Present and Future become relevant

My title above just entered my mind. That title might also be the reason why the human species is not really interested in its distant past. Our history seems restricted to its last 7,000 years. Anything that happened before the great flood (c.20,000-c.7,000 years ago) appears to have been lost “forever”. Perhaps, our ignorance towards our distant past has a...

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A healthy mind in a healthy body

I grew up in a small village in the 1960s. I suppose that most villagers knew about each other's reputations. We played outside all of the time, with no supervision. Nevertheless, my parents seemed aware of our activities. Back then, they didn't seem to worry about our independence. A 2023 WaPo article (below) suggests that children develop a mental health crisis...

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Why would I need or want AI??

Late August, Google invited me to start using Bard (for Local Guides) as I sometimes write reviews. I ignored their invitation. I have no clue why I would need and/or want Artificial Intelligence (AI) for my writing. I do, however, believe in AI for business-to-business (B2B) and even B2C purposes, like AI-4-GP. I had forgotten about this topic until the Washington...

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Natural Stupidity vs Artificial Intelligence

Introduction LO: This comparison makes logical sense. If and when human stupidity is society's default then artificial stupidity (eg, PS-2023, Tilburg University-2022) would make (much) more sense than artificial intelligence. Today, it's impossible that technology would be more intelligent than humans. Source: my 2017 blog Human intelligence includes 4 areas: Known...

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Toyota claims battery breakthrough in potential boost for electric cars (Guardian)

Guardian title: Toyota claims battery breakthrough in potential boost for electric cars Guardian subtitle: Japanese firm believes it could make a solid-state battery with a range of 745 miles that charges in 10 minutes By: Rob Davies Date: 4 July 2023 “Toyota says it has made a technological breakthrough that will allow it to halve the weight, size and cost of...

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