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Is a dissolution of the EU and UK, like the Soviet Union, unavoidable?

Late June 2021, the Dutch PM urged the Hungarian PM to leave the EU following a spat over LGBT rights (eg, BBC, Bloomberg, Dutch News, WaPo). Recently, Hungary announced a referendum on its (anti) LGBT law (eg, Guardian, Reuters). If its citizens agree, the EU options seem limited to accept, deny or delay (eg, committee). In 2016, the UK announced a referendum on...

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About a boy

Recently, a Dutch-Flemish boy of eleven years graduated cum laude in Physics at Antwerp University. He started studying at Eindhoven University of Technology at the age of nine (Brussels Times). What does this event imply for topics like our biological clock, consciousness, epigenetics, learning vs teaching, nature vs nurture, talents, and/or the age when our brain...

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The mediocrity principle (2)

The mediocrity principle is a philosophical notion, which is rooted in mathematics and/or statistics: "if an item is drawn at random from one of several sets or categories, it's likelier to come from the most numerous category than from any one of the less numerous categories" (Wiki). Hence, human life would be about Joe Average and Sixpack Annie. However, if the...

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Doubt vs certainty

Last Sunday, I had a conversation with a new and local friend. At a certain moment, I asked her a rhetorical question: "You have little doubt inside you, don't you?" She acknowledged that and told me that her heart knew her beliefs to be certain. I was puzzled by that remark. After our conversation, I sent her several quotes on doubt by international philosophers....

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White men in victim roles

White men are under attack from every angle within the 7 Belief systems: Love (eg, #MeToo), Money (eg, gender pay gap, male over-representation), Philosophy (eg, slavery, white supremacy), Politics (eg, male over-representation), Religion (eg, sexual abuse), Science (eg, male over-representation), and the Truth (eg, mansplaining). Some of these white men are using...

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De Vierde Industriële Revolutie is begonnen: zijn we straks allemaal overbodig?

Scientias titel: De Vierde Industriële Revolutie is begonnen: zijn we straks allemaal overbodig? Scientias ondertitel: Tegen 2025 zullen robots meer dan 50% van het huidige werk op zich nemen. Maar is dat erg? "De Eerste Industriële Revolutie zette de wereld op zijn kop. Goederen – zoals kleding – die millennia op rij met de hand vervaardigd waren, konden dankzij...

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