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Diversiteit versus evenredige vertegenwoordiging

"De zeven miljoen witte heterojongens en -mannen in Nederland horen over diversiteit dat zij maar twee dingen kunnen doen: hun mond houden en ruimte maken." Dit is de openingszin van een FD opinie van Joris Luyendijk. Mijn eerste gedachte: en de 7 miljoen witte vrouwen en meisjes dan?? Diversiteit staat haaks op evenredige vertegenwoordiging. Eigenlijk is...

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The Dutch Machiavelli

After surviving several quite outrageous scandals, the Dutch PM used an artificial ideological crisis to pull the plug from the 4th Cabinet in his name (ie, Rutte-4). Several weeks ago, his own party had demanded his action to curtail the inflow of migrants & refugees. Perhaps, his brazenness will be rewarded. On June 30, Politico Europe reported that Europe...

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Idealism vs populism

In a recent video (>3 min.), Dutch vlogger Harry Vermeegen wondered why liberal-left beliefs qualify as idealism, while conservative-right beliefs qualify as populism. His remark triggered a question that had once been on my mind, but which I had discarded back then, for reasons I cannot recall. The ingredients of conservative-right beliefs are either (i) emotions...

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The anti-woke movement

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726/27) once defined his third law of motion as follows: for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, we should not be surprised of the rise of an anti-woke movement (eg, the Conversation, the Spectator, the Telegraph). It's useful to give two versions of how people perceive the word woke: Wiki: "Woke "is...

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Why China Is So Bad at Doing Big Things (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg Opinion title: Why China Is So Bad at Doing Big Things Bloomberg Opinion subtitle: The country has a reputation for accomplishing impossible tasks. But its strengths only work in certain cases. By: Minxin Pei Date: 3 April 2023 "Countries around the world are awed by China’s ability to marshal its national resources and do big, seemingly impossible...

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Would writing a book be wasting my time?

Last month, I ordered and read the latest J.K. Rowling detective novel: The Ink Black Heart. That book has more than a thousand pages. Once again, I failed the whodunnit. Interestingly, she shares her thoughts on inspiration on the top of page 228 (hardcover). Her and my thoughts align. Despite having written almost 3,000 blogs during 2014-2022, I have no idea how...

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