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China: appear strong when you are weak

My blog title is the 2nd part of an advice from the ancient book The Art of War by Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (544 BC - 496 BC): “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” The continued Chinese military plane incursions in Taiwanese airspace remind me of that Sun Tzu quote (eg, NR). A recent report by Goldman Sachs economists, as...

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China and the Element of Surprise (GPF)

Geopolitical Futures title: China and the Element of SurpriseAuthor: George Friedman (Wikipedia)Date: 3 August 2021 "A war between China and the United States would be a war between peer powers. That’s not to say they are identical powers; all nations differ in terms of geography, strategy, manpower, weaponry and so on. But they are peers in that at least on the...

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Idiocracy (4)

The recent interview with Gad Saad in the Dutch Financial Times made me realize that "our era of stupidity", which seems to be culminating into an idiocracy (my blogs), mostly relates to the Truth (my blogs) rather than any other of the 7 Belief systems (2015 version, 2019 update). Please take a look at my diagram. My diagram above connects several of my blogs:- the...

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Taiwan in danger from 2022 on, expert warns US Congress (Nikkei)

Nikkei title: Taiwan in danger from 2022 on, expert warns US Congress Nikkei subtitle: Ex-national security adviser McMaster calls island the biggest 'flashpoint' with China By: ALEX FANG, Nikkei staff writer Date: 3 March 2021"NEW YORK -- U.S. senators overseeing the nation's military on Tuesday raised concerns over Washington's preparedness in the event of an...

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Study: China faces ‘unstoppable’ population decline by mid-century (CNN)

Introduction LO: Recently, several articles about plummeting Chinese birth rates appeared in international media. Apparently, the lockdown did not help to increase Chinese birth rates (WaPo). Hence, "Beijing gives three provinces the green light to explore lifting cap on family size" (Nikkei Asia). The above made me wonder about certain developments: Would China's...

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Monism – why people are so stupid

Monism – why people are so stupid

Yesterday's blog on complacency gave an explanation for the question in Monday's blog: why are people so stupid? A more fundamental explanation is the ongoing transformation in societies towards monism. Monism is a (philosophical) belief in Power. As Lord Acton once stated: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely",...

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