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Balance & Symmetry

The 3 roads to Wisdom (2)

While looking for the Confucius quote for Wednesday's blog on a simple vs complicated life, I suddenly noticed this one at the top: "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” In 2019, I wrote part one of this blog, The 3 roads to Wisdom,...

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I’m drowning in my nostalgia

Last Saturday, these words came to me as inspiration: I'm drifting on my melancholia. I suppose my mind made up a paraphrase of a song line from David Sylvian's 1984 album Brilliant Trees: "I'm drowning in my nostalgia". I love that song. My inspiration was (most likely) related to another song: Tu me manques (I miss you) by the French/German singer-songwriter...

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The Droste effect

Quite some (scientific) articles compare the human brain to the Universe; in particular a 2020 ScienceAlert: Study Maps The Odd Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe. Other comparisons may include: birth, growth, maturity, decline (a.k.a. entropy). Might the Universe - and everything else - mirror something called the Droste effect? Wiki:...

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We would like to know the future but will decline when offered

We often talk about our future as if we're not even part of it. In that view, our future is abstract, absolute, and opaque. In reality, our overall future can - most likely - be predicted with a fair degree of certainty. Moreover, our future is relative as each of our (eg, daily) choices has an impact on our own future. Indeed, our life gets more complex when we add...

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The 7 Belief systems: ideology vs pragmatism

Many weeks ago, I made a note: "Pragmatism equals having soft beliefs??" I didn't know what to do with that thought - until now. My concept of the 7 Belief systems lies at the heart of (extreme) human behaviour: either we are willing to sacrifice our own life for these 7 Belief systems - or we are willing to take someone else's life for those same 7 beliefs.I used...

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The simplicity bias (5): Evolution

I've been wondering about more reasons for our simplicity bias. A surprising one came to my mind: Evolution. Evolution is increasingly complex: from no life-forms to single cellular life, multicellular life, plants & trees, animals and then humans. This is the complexity bias. For the sake of balance & symmetry (my blogs),...

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