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The Evolution of Great Powers (George Friedman)

Introduction LO: In my June 23 blog, Identity vs Power: dialects, I inserted a reference to this GPF article because I came to a similar conclusion: The answer must relate to Identity vs Power. Large countries are often powerful (eg, economic, military). Small countries often lack such power. Technology can, however, create a...

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Identity vs Power: dialects

The Hague is the Dutch seat of power while Amsterdam is its capitol. The further you move away from The Hague, the more dialect you will hear. First quantity, then intensity. I suppose geographical distance from Power increases the need for Identity. Dialects must be the earliest example of Identity vs Power. Last Thursday evening, I did not understand a local...

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Society’s farewell to the best & brightest

All over the world, former politicians are being handed jobs by current politicians at semi-public organizations. In my view, this explains why the European Central Bank is not following the Fed on interest levels. As a consequence, the euro is near historic lows compared to the US$. Now, we are even importing inflation. Amsterdam Airport is an important airline hub...

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The World and a Small War (GPF)

GeoPolitical Futures title: The World and a Small War By: George Friedman Date: 19 April 2022 "No war is small when you are living in it, but the world is large, and large wars are rare. At the same time, wars reverberate in unexpected ways. A small war here might make another war elsewhere deadlier, or it might help prevent a war elsewhere. No war can be understood...

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The world economy depends on geopolitics (Axios Markets)

Axios Markets title: The world economy depends on geopolitics By: Neil Irwin Date: 15 March 2022 "These are unsettling times. Warfare in Europe. New pandemic lockdowns in China. High inflation in the U.S. that global developments stand to make worse, Axios' Neil Irwin writes. The common thread: Aspects of...

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China: political crackdown on technology = slowdown of economy?

On August 31, the Wall Street Journal reported that "August data suggests China’s economy slowed further, particularly in services but also in the previously strong manufacturing sector". The WSJ article blames Chinese "efforts to contain the Delta variant outbreak". There is no mentioning of a slowdown of the Chinese economy following the Chinese crackdown on...

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