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The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension

Last Wednesday, I received an epiphany. My diagram below is the result of that. I think, feel and believe that my epiphany is important. It captures my current understanding of my blog topics: Data / Info, Energy vs Matter, and the Spacetime dimension. Spacetime is the only known known dimension to us. In practical terms, space has 3 sub dimensions: length, width,...

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Space and time: the chicken and egg dilemma

The chicken and egg dilemma can be rephrased into a simple question: what came first? The same applies to space and time: what came first? There is no time without space. Does space need time in order to exist? Perhaps not if there would be no motion (eg, freeze-frame). Motion makes it more likely that both occurred simultaneously. Hence, the spacetime dimension....

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Here and Now

Here and Now

Last Thursday, I felt a little sad because I missed her presence. Allowing someone into your life has the downside that they will not always be around you. I was about to start blaming someone whose problems are keeping her away from me. Then I realised that my notion is absurd. I should stay in my Here & Now rather than a Now & There. Another dark side of...

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Divine intervention

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: "God has no religion". I couldn't agree more. The notion that there would be more than one deity is preposterous. I'm not sure that my omnism qualifies as being religious. I have faith though, lots of it. I believe there's a force of Good and a force of Evil. Our consciousness and/or our Soul connect us to those forces. I...

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If Good does bad, does Good become Bad?

Suppose, just suppose, that you could travel back in time and kill baby Adolf Hitler. Forget about the Law of Unintended Consequences. Forget about doubt (eg, is it him?). The Greater Good theory would applaud your act. Criminal law would argue that you murdered a (still) innocent child. Hence, my question: if Good does bad, does Good become Bad? Some 15 years ago,...

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Can you not have a worldview, beliefs, or philosophy of life?

My worldview can be outlined following the 7 Belief systems: I have views on the economy, love philosophy, politics, religion, science and the truth. A specific view is our philosophy of life (and death), which is often related to faith and religion but not necessarily the same (eg, hedonism). In my view, everyone must or should have a philosophy of life.My...

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