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What is the “Great Replacement” right-wing conspiracy theory? (the Economist)

Introduction by LO: Rather than a right-wing conspiracy theory, the Great Replacement "theory" is - most of all - another example of Philosophy, as a Belief system (eg, my blogs of 2015 Black Twitter versus White Supremacy, and of 2016 White supremacy-2), Of all our beliefs, ideology might be the most stupid one (eg, my 2021 blog: Is ideology responsible for...

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Society’s farewell to the best & brightest

All over the world, former politicians are being handed jobs by current politicians at semi-public organizations. In my view, this explains why the European Central Bank is not following the Fed on interest levels. As a consequence, the euro is near historic lows compared to the US$. Now, we are even importing inflation. Amsterdam Airport is an important airline hub...

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Quality vs Quantity

Recently, the Dutch FT published a story about a well-known start-up company facing production problems: from cool to faltering. This story can be summarized by: quantity up, quality down. To a large extent, it resembles capillary action: if you push the liquid in one tube down, the other one goes up, despite gravity. In 1855, Robert Browning wrote his poem Andrea...

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Why smart people use irrelevant justifications

Russia has invaded Ukraine. All over the world, (alleged) smart people are presenting additional facts to make you change your mind about this war. I'm not even talking about false facts. I'm talking about irrelevant facts that add complexity to an issue that is ultimately simple: Russia is the aggressor. Russia uses an interesting though irrelevant argument for...

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How can anything be weak AND a threat?

In the view of the Russian president, the West is weak. Until very recently, he may have had a point. The Ukrainians have never been weak; just look at their faces. Nevertheless, it doesn't make any sense labelling something that is weak as a threat. Either you're weak, or you're a threat. A major flaw in his reasoning. His reasoning may have been another case of...

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Risk management 101

Self-interest is our leading motivator in life. We all strive for advantages. Nevertheless, we always consider our risks (ie, risk management) prior to making a move. Some of us have a high risk appetite while others are risk averse. It's rare making a move with limited upside and a huge downside. Yet Russia does. Why? Possibly, the Ukraine crisis is a distraction...

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