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Space Time dimension

If Time is relative, is Space too??

Time is a human - and Sumerian - invention. Hence, the use of their Base-60 system (eg, 60 minutes, 60 seconds). The relativity of Time (eg, Albert Einstein, James Clerk Maxwell, Quanta) makes you wonder about the relativity of Space. Humans are unaware of the dimensions of our universe (eg, ball, cubicle, saddle, sphere). It’s important to realise that my examples...

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The fine line

There’s a fine line between a friendship and a relationship. It’s an either / or situation. The threshold is intimacy. Once that threshold has been crossed, there’s a new fine line (eg, us vs them). Crossing that second fine line often ends everything (ie, friendship and relationship). According to Oscar Wilde, there’s one serious problem: “Between men and women...

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AI needs embodied cognition??

Intro LO: There are four levels in human consciousness: Unknown unknowns resulting in fantasy (eg, fiction); Known unknowns resulting in beliefs (eg, science-fiction); Unknown knowns resulting in intuition (eg, innovation); Known knowns resulting in knowledge (eg, science, technology) and in tools. The Axios AI+ article below is indeed consistent with “ancient”...

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I know that I know nothing vs everything

The Greek philosopher Socrates (c.470–399 BC) once wrote: "For I was conscious that I knew practically nothing...". Later, Plato changed that into: I know that I know nothing (Wiki). Probably, Artificial Intelligence aims to know (most of) everything. Is it even possible to know everything?? In my view, the expansion of the Universe is related to storing ALL...

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AI trust issues (Axios)

Intro LO: Trust issues are probably the most fundamental issues between humans, and also in primates like chimpanzees. Hence, trust issues in artificial intelligence (AI) make perfect sense. Moreover, the word intelligence in AI is utterly misleading. Hence, articles about Artificial Idiocy. Also see my related 2023 blog. Artificial "intelligence" is based on human...

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Blind vertrouwen

Recent vroeg ik een ex-vriendin wat ze van mij wil. "Niets", beweerde ze. In het verleden heeft ze echter tegen mij gelogen, en die kwesties waren nogal belangrijk. Ik vertelde haar dat mijn blind vertrouwen verdwenen is, en dat mijn vertrouwen in haar fragiel is. Haar antwoord: "Vertrouw je instinct". Na enige nachten wikken en wegen zei mijn instinct dat ik haar...

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