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How do you help yourself?

At this time, someone may consider asking me: how do you help yourself? For some, this question will just be theoretical. For others, its answer will hopefully translate into a practical tool. My answer will primarily be helpful for the ones who want to survive. The ones in a victim role may say that they need or want help but their intentions will - sooner or later...

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The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension

Last Wednesday, I received an epiphany. My diagram below is the result of that. I think, feel and believe that my epiphany is important. It captures my current understanding of my blog topics: Data / Info, Energy vs Matter, and the Spacetime dimension. Spacetime is the only known known dimension to us. In practical terms, space has 3 sub dimensions: length, width,...

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Near-death experiences have long inspired afterlife beliefs (Psyche)

Psyche title: Near-death experiences have long inspired afterlife beliefsBy: Gregory ShushanDate: 12 July 2021 "In 1881, a Native American man named Squ-sacht-un of the Squaxin Island Tribe in Washington territory fell ill and, by all appearances, died. His wife began funeral preparations. As Squ-sacht-un later recounted: My breath was out...

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Here and Now

Here and Now

Last Thursday, I felt a little sad because I missed her presence. Allowing someone into your life has the downside that they will not always be around you. I was about to start blaming someone whose problems are keeping her away from me. Then I realised that my notion is absurd. I should stay in my Here & Now rather than a Now & There. Another dark side of...

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Divine intervention

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: "God has no religion". I couldn't agree more. The notion that there would be more than one deity is preposterous. I'm not sure that my omnism qualifies as being religious. I have faith though, lots of it. I believe there's a force of Good and a force of Evil. Our consciousness and/or our Soul connect us to those forces. I...

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Our face is the mirror of our personality

An April 2021 study, published in the journal Nature Genetics is entitled: "Shared heritability of human face and brain shape" (eg, Big Think, Nature). Moreover, ancient wisdom states that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul (eg, Bible Matthew 6:22-24, phrases). Clearly, there's a link between our facial structures and our character, including our...

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