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Obstacles inspire to bigger thinking

Our brains are wired for efficiency (eg, Nautilus, Quanta). They excel in quick & dirty solutions to the very many decisions that have to be taken. Given a choice between complexity versus simplicity, the brain will opt for simple solutions. This choice is in accordance with Occam's razor, a "problem-solving principle" (Wiki). Sometimes, a problem is too...

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Dutch PM: “What more can I do??”

At last Friday's press conference, the Dutch PM asked his citizens: "What more can I do??" His pathetic remark triggered me to prepare a response. I've little to no confidence that it will change anything. I do hope that my response will embolden my readers into thinking: "Yesssss, I'm not alone in my view". Please find below my alternative plan for a Covid-19...

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Where indifference is bliss, solutions are near

In his 1742/1768 poem, Thomas Gray wrote two famous last lines: “[..] where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise”. The old English word "folly" means foolish; bliss is "a state of complete happiness or joy". My blog’s title is a paraphrase of those two lines. Small human problems often arise from misunderstandings and/or wrong assumptions. Both can be solved...

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The AND/OR dilemma (2)

In August 2015, I wrote part one of this blog. It was probably my first blog about dualism (my blogs) without even realising this. Much later, I wrote two blogs on the same topic and/but from a different perspective: Why life is (not) digital (my blogs of 2017 and 2021). Often, we view Life as a choice between alternatives or ingredients. Rarely, we view Life as a...

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Subtractive solutions

Several years ago, I wrote my blogs Less is More (2014) and More is Better (2016). Latter was about consumerism. The former has a broader context in our vocabulary. For some time, I've saved a 2021 Scientific American article for future blog use: Our brain typically overlooks this brilliant problem-solving strategy. Many problem-solving solutions have two basic...

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Occam’s razor: MH17 and MH370

Last Thursday, the Dutch-led investigation into the downing of MH17 stated that a Russian Buk missile from the 53rd Brigade in Kursk was responsible, and beyond any reasonable doubt. Russia denied and restated their unreasonable explanations. Apart from means and opportunity, motive is essential in any investigation as “everything follows Why”. A few months earlier...

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