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America’s Faustian Pact with runaway debt is coming due (Telegraph)

INTRODUCTION LO: While the article below is correct, it is not complete. Americans believe in lowering taxation and increasing spending (eg, military). Even a child should be able to understand that such a situation is - ultimately - unsustainable. Quite possibly, the American solution is to sacrifice the US$, in the line with this (in)famous, bluntly true 1971...

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Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ?

Late 2022, Netanyahu became - once again - the PM of Israel, despite the legal trials against him (eg, "bribery, fraud, and breach of trust"). Trump wants to be re-elected as US president in 2024, despite the many lawsuits against him. Hence, my question: Netanyahu 2022 = Trump 2024 ? It appears that lawsuits against both are strengthening their voter base, while...

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Going back to my roots?

For quite some time, I've been struggling with the thought above. Perhaps, the ultimate conclusion is that I do not belong here. There is no match on several criteria. Some five years ago, I considered my then-imminent relocation as temporary, before hopping abroad (eg, Italy). For several months, I have been resisting the idea of going back to my roots (below). I...

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Bisexuality and trust

Our belief systems are governed by three domains: Love, Knowledge & Power. All three domains have trust issues, like fake news (Knowledge) and lying politicians (Power). The domain that (probably) has most trust issues is Love. How can bisexual people even trust each other?? A 2019 Pew Research Center report appears to confirm those trust issues: Bisexual adults...

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One-way street

Late 1990, I resigned from my job. I explained that I felt like a library, at which books were borrowed but never returned. One of the audit partners seemed to understand my position but was baffled. It's fine being a teacher, unless you stop learning. Both owners didn't make any teaching effort. Lately, I've come to realise that I'm back on that one-way street in...

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Life is a roundabout (2)

I still remember the day when I noticed a strange and unfamiliar structure ahead of me: my first roundabout. I was confused and didn't know what to do. It had never appeared during my driving lessons. I followed the cars in front of me, and stayed one or two full laps on it. Finally, I dared to exit. In the roundabout of Life, I used a first exit towards Knowledge,...

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