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Solitude & Loneliness

The 3 roads to Wisdom (2)

While looking for the Confucius quote for Wednesday's blog on a simple vs complicated life, I suddenly noticed this one at the top: "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” In 2019, I wrote part one of this blog, The 3 roads to Wisdom,...

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Get a grip on myself

I need to get a grip on myself. My emotions are taking over. Ratio is on the losing hand. For several days, I have been feeling empty. Also see my 2016 blog on palpable emptiness. An online friend said that I need a hug. She's more right than she may know. Hugs are missing in my life. Partly, this is of my own doing. It's difficult (for me) to combine a preference...

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Saturday a week ago, a sudden sensation of emptiness came over me. If anything, it was a rational "feeling" rather than anything emotional. Moreover, it felt different than loneliness (an emotional low) or solitude (a "rational" high). Also see my related blogs on solitude & loneliness. A 2015 Thought Catalog article by Nicole Tarkoff describes it well. To...

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The more you know yourself, the shorter your relationships

Following her questions about (my) relationships, I suddenly received a weird thought: the more you know yourself, the shorter your relationships. Actually, this line summarizes my relationship history rather well: from very long to very short. She acknowledged that my thought also applied to her situation. I'm far from sure that my blog title will also apply to...

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You might need somebody

The title of this Randy Crawford (and Shola Ama) song has been on my mind for quite some time. Hence, I made a note of it for a future blog. Else such thoughts will slip my mind. The lyrics felt opportunistic to me. That's why I refrained from writing a blog about this topic. Today I feel different about it. The song is about loneliness and how to deal with that...

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When did I stop loving you

Following my recent blogs on trust (Trust works better both ways) and doubt (Why doubt is contagious), I suddenly realised that I had stopped loving her. I told her that I was losing my belief in us as a couple. She thinks that I'm overreacting. Well, I am not. As Dutch statesman Johan Thorbecke (1798-1872) once observed: "Trust arrives on foot and leaves on...

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