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Society’s farewell to the best & brightest

All over the world, former politicians are being handed jobs by current politicians at semi-public organizations. In my view, this explains why the European Central Bank is not following the Fed on interest levels. As a consequence, the euro is near historic lows compared to the US$. Now, we are even importing inflation. Amsterdam Airport is an important airline hub...

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Drivers of Change: a 2022 update

Several of my blogs have mentioned the drivers of Change, which govern everything around us. Late April 2018, I published my initial blog Drivers of Change, which included a rather complex diagram. I suppose I was still arranging my thoughts. Today, I present a much simpler diagram. Perhaps, the single most important item in my diagram is the Blueprint of our...

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Facebook Has Probably Peaked. What Can Mark Zuckerberg Do Now? (Bloomberg)

Introduction LO: Facebook was founded in 2004, not even twenty years ago. Over the years, it has made a lot of enemies, who will smell blood now. The chances of Big Tech regulation have increased due to Facebook's weakening. The easiest way would be to remove Section 230 from the "Communications Decency Act, that generally provides immunity for website platforms...

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Sorry does not seem to be the hardest word anymore

A lot has changed since the 1976 hit song Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Elton John. Not for me, though. Saying sorry is still one of the hardest words for me. I keep telling people not to say sorry to me, unless they actually mean it. Saying sorry is just a habit for many people. There are several reasons why I prefer minimising the word sorry: The more you...

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Living by the Code: In China, Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Virus (NYT)

New York Times title: Living by the Code: In China, Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the VirusNYT subtitle: The country has instituted a wide range of high-tech controls on society as part of a mostly successful effort to stop the virus. The consequences may endure.By:  Chris Buckley, Vivian Wang and Keith BradsherDate: 30 January 2022 "The police...

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Obstinate humanity

Recently, someone made a casual remark to me: "obstinate humanity", or in Dutch: "hardleerse mensheid". That phrase continued to wander inside my mind. I've just noticed that it's also the title of a 1990 essay: Obstinate Humanity by Louise Glück (b.1943), an "American poet and essayist" (eg, Medium-2018). A video named ‘obstinate’ by someone who calls himself...

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