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Plato’s 5 regimes and its belief systems

Yesterday's blog mentioned Plato's 5 regime types and that the belief systems Politics and Religion will be kicked out during the transfer from the 4th (ie, Democracy) to the final regime type (ie, Tyranny). With the knowledge of hindsight, one regime type is missing: Theocracy. My diagram below pictures that missing one in between Democracy and Tyranny. Money must...

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Best efforts vs commitment

Many legal agreements have clauses that state that its adherence is based on 'best efforts' rather than a (legal) commitment. The vaccine supply contract between AstraZeneca and the EU is an example: the EU claims there's a (legal) commitment to supply, while AstraZeneca claims that supply is on 'best efforts'. In my view, the differences in actual and contractual...

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How Confucius loses face in China’s new surveillance regime (Aeon+FD)

Aeon title: How Confucius loses face in China’s new surveillance regimeand FD titel: In surveillancestaat China verliest Confucius zijn gezichtBy: Philip IvanhoeDate: 17 January 2020"While conceived of and functioning differently in diverse contexts, ‘face’ describes a phenomenon that exists in every human society. Its most basic sense concerns...

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The redundancy of politics (2)

In many countries, the belief system Politics is fighting with other belief systems (eg, Data-Info a.k.a. Big Data, Money, Religion, Science, Technology a.k.a. Big Tech, and the Truth). I think, feel and believe that this fight is similar to its death-struggle. Politics cannot win this fight as it's always divided and never united. If politics would be united...

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The redundancy of politics

 The centrifugal force in life and nature is - amongst others - responsible for the speed of Change, for polarisation, and also for eroding the middle in politics while strengthening fringe parties. In several countries, this force created bipartisan politics: Labour vs Conservatives, Nationalists vs Globalists, Democrats vs Republicans, and so on.In...

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What is next for societies run by fear?

What is next for societies run by fear?

Today's societies are run by Fear rather than Love. Fear to express Love (eg, MeToo), fear over Money (eg, inequality), fear over Politics (eg, authoritarianism, globalism, nationalism), Religion (eg, Islam), Philosophy (eg, identity politics), Science & Technology (eg, anti-vaxxers, 5G), and fear over saying the Truth (eg, political correctness). Hence,...

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