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Need for Speed

During my second sleep of last Tuesday night, I became convinced that I had an unfinished blog, called Need for Speed. That was it. No further words. No idea about its contents. I decided to wake up early and started writing the first paragraph of this blog. Later that day, I still failed to understand its message. Nowadays, speed is absent in my life. There is no...

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Weird thoughts

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up early due to the morning sunlight and weird thoughts. I wanted to escape that “dream” as it annoyed me. It was about working for a very disorganised and/but attractive woman. I suppose my loyalty towards her prevented me from refusing that work. This work related “dream” was not about (my) fear. Usually, those dreams are about (my)...

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AI needs embodied cognition??

Intro LO: There are four levels in human consciousness: Unknown unknowns resulting in fantasy (eg, fiction); Known unknowns resulting in beliefs (eg, science-fiction); Unknown knowns resulting in intuition (eg, innovation); Known knowns resulting in knowledge (eg, science, technology) and in tools. The Axios AI+ article below is indeed consistent with “ancient”...

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While writing this at 10:30 AM, I’m fighting my sleep. Since early December, I’m taking some 2 to 4 short naps each day. Each power nap makes me feel alive again (eg, SA-2023). Fighting sleep is useless. See NBC article below for answers. Moreover, my daily inspiration seems to be at its lowest level. Inspiration and sleep only match just before a long night’s sleep...

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Alter ego

Recently, this topic entered my mind. For days, I was clueless. I was - and still am - not even sure that I believe in this philosophical concept. Moreover, I doubt that most people have an alter ego. My personality has facets but has only one ego. Perhaps, the confusion is related to its (original) meaning. Wikipedia on alter ego: “Cicero coined the term as...

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Everything we do is either an expression of love or a request for love

My title is a translation of a Dutch saying (eg, Dutch examples). This saying was new to me and caught my immediate attention. Once you start thinking about it then it indeed seems true. Feel free to change the word love by the word attention. I prefer the word love though. The Nobel-winning English polymath Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) wrote about...

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