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Is modern life organised to prevent us from thinking?

My May 27 blog, Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, touched upon a topic that has been on my mind recently - and the mind of others (eg, NRC, The Times). These others focus on the How and What, while I focus on the Why. The quote below provides an interesting start for this topic: "Spend enough time trying to have ideas and you realise that modern life is...

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Love, Knowledge & Power and zero-sum

My Thursday night was restless due to the upcoming full moon of 16 May. My mind kept wondering about zero-sum outcomes within the Love, Knowledge & Power domains of the 7 Belief systems. The Power domain always has a zero-sum outcome: one man's loss is another man's gain. How about the other two? The Love domain has various outcomes. For some, there is synergy...

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A few make a difference

Last Monday night, I was thinking how disappointing humans are as a species (eg, proxy World War III), while having my talk to God. A curious thought then entered my mind: "a few make a difference". After careful consideration, it could refer to anything (eg, animals, clouds, flowers, humans, insects, mountains, trees). A Google search revealed many quotes about...

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Why life is faster but depression is lower in bigger cities (Aeon)

Introduction LO: I selected this article for a review because it's (i) counterintuitive and (ii) contradicts scientific research. Latter is also acknowledged in this article: "For decades, the conflicting experiences of city living have led urbanites and scholars to ask: are cities bad for mental health? The conventional wisdom and scientific answer for...

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Why We Yawn (Psychology Today)

Psychology Today title: Why We Yawn PT subtitle: A large study about yawning reveals a surprising insight. By: Sebastian Ocklenburg, Ph.D. Date: 17 May 2021 "KEY POINTS Why we yawn is still largely a scientific mystery.The world’s largest study on yawning analyzed yawns from 101 species.The results show the animals with bigger brains yawn longer.This finding...

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