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Is a technological singularity realistic?

In 1993, Vernor Vinge, an American professor in mathematics and computer science, published his essay The Coming Technological Singularity, "in which he wrote that it would signal the end of the human era, as the new superintelligence would continue to upgrade itself and would advance technologically at an incomprehensible rate. He wrote that he would be surprised...

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Moore’s Law and labour productivity

For most of 2010-2019, articles have been claiming that Moore's Law (on computer processor performance) is ending. Similarly, labour productivity has been declining since the mid 1970's. The Dutch FT even wondered whether ICT is slowing down economic growth. Mid November 2019, the University of Michigan announced a new transistor design that aims to surpass Moore's...

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Paradigm shift in the belief system the Truth (3)

Monday's blog was about paradigm shifts in the 7 Belief systems. Yesterday's blog was about a paradigm shift in Politics, a belief system in its Power domain. Today's blog is about a paradigm shift in the Truth, a belief system in its Knowledge domain. Essentially, the Truth is about data and/or information and our opinion on their righteousness. We believe in...

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Drivers of Change

Drivers of Change

Writing about the Drivers of Change is perhaps too ambitious. We may not even be aware of some of these drivers. An Arup Foresight article pointed me towards a new driver of change: convergence of business, science and technology. However, convergence (towards intelligent life) also seems to be a main driver in the blueprint of Life, Nature and probably the...

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Convergent evolution, humanoid sapiens & the Singularity

There are 2 views on evolution, either random chance or convergent evolution. Please also see my 2015 blog: the AND/OR dilemma. I typically believe in AND, not in OR. The combination of random chance within convergent evolution may bring some surprises, while the general blueprint of Life remains intact. Also see my 2018 blog: history and nature always repeat...

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Consciousness – an introduction

In my 10 June 2016 blog - What is the purpose of death? (2) - I mentioned the word consciousness. It's a topic well beyond my usual scope and one of which I hardly know anything. I think that I can feel the presence of my own consciousness somewhere inside my head, but the question remains on my mind: what is consciousness really?? "I think, therefore I...

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