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Why can’t you learn from success?

You probably know the expression "never change a winning team". Often, success feels like magic because we don't really know or understand its ingredients. Changing the ingredients may jeopardize success. Hence, the soccer quote by Sir Alf Ramsey (1920-1999). An 2011 article in Harvard Business Review came to similar conclusion: Why...

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Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answer (2)

Late 2019, I wrote my blog Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answer. Early February 2020, someone asked me why I had visited her dating profile without leaving her a message. I reread her profile and slowly it dawned upon me why I had not. Her looks had felt condescending and some items in her profile had not appealed to me. I wondered if I...

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Decoupling: de-radicalisation (6)

Decoupling: de-radicalisation (6)

Some days ago, I noticed this heading in an article from The National: "The last two attacks in London indicate UK's approach to de-radicalisation is failing". I just wondered: is de-radicalisation even an option? Radicalisation is similar to having extreme beliefs. Convicting extreme believers to jail time is more likely to increase having extreme beliefs and...

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Possibly Maybe – dating at 50+

Some of you may have noticed that I've been dating again since my relocation of early May 2019. I'm not at all fond of dating, given the required high amount of input compared to its meager output. I minimise both online chats and face-to-face meetings, by having (long) phone conversations with "possibly maybes". Usually, this strategy is successful. Within a couple...

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Is self-actualization a biological need? (Big Think)

Big Think title: Is self-actualization a biological need? Big Think subtitle: We think of self-actualization as a lofty goal, but research suggests it may just be another way of obeying our biological programming. Publication date: 13 August 2019 Maslow's hierarchy of needs sets self-actualization apart from many of the "baser" needs, like needing food or belonging....

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Skin Lightening: Africa’s Multibillion Dollar Post-Colonial Hangover (Bright)

Bright title: Skin Lightening: Africa's Multibillion Dollar Post-Colonial Hangover Bright subtitle: "One thing we cannot deny is that skin lightening has impacted Africans' individual and collective beauty standards; lighter skin is often perceived as a marker of superior beauty and economic status." Date of publishing: 7 May 2019 "Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, my...

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