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White men in victim roles

White men are under attack from every angle within the 7 Belief systems: Love (eg, #MeToo), Money (eg, gender pay gap, male over-representation), Philosophy (eg, slavery, white supremacy), Politics (eg, male over-representation), Religion (eg, sexual abuse), Science (eg, male over-representation), and the Truth (eg, mansplaining). Some of these white men are using...

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Affirmation of our choices and decisions

Several days ago, a friend asked if my son likes my new habitat. I answered that he does. She made some interesting follow-up remarks: "affirmation by people who are important to us, is sometimes a need" and "one small negative remark can cause so much confusion and/or dissatisfaction". Affirmation in this context can best be described as "emotional support or...

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The benefits of self-doubt

Self-doubt is a (very) bad thing if you believe Google's search results. Typing the "benefits of self doubt" gives a more balanced overview of this topic. Obviously, too much self-doubt is never a good thing. However, everything in life is bad which has the words "too much" in front of it. This concept also provides for the most popular Dutch saying. Many...

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