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Life is a revolving door

Nowadays, my love life feels like a revolving door. As soon as a Possibly Maybe disappears, the next one appears. I thought that this phenomenon might just be happening to me. I was wrong. A few days ago, a friend posted an excerpt from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944): "Il y aura toujours une autre occasion, un autre ami, un autre amour,...

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Why are strategies rooted in monism?

For some time, there has been a question on my list of topics: why are strategies rooted in monism, and not in dualism or in trialism? I'm referring to strategies in business and/or politics. Perhaps, science has backup strategies for reaching its goals. Love may have several strategies but only one goal. I could blame the psychopathic traits in CEOs following Kevin...

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Love has no doubt

For some time, I've been considering writing a blog about doubt (in time) because young and old people seem to have less doubt in their lives. Some can even be cocksure about their opinions, regardless of facts. I started off on the wrong foot. Doubt, and having no doubt, are related to beliefs. Opinions express beliefs. During my research, I came across a 2016...

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From “are you being served?” to “will you be served?”

A random Dutch radio news message: police retirement will outpace police recruitment in the forthcoming years, which will result in police shortages. You can hear/read similar messages about nurses, plumbers, teachers etc. The (predicted) impact of a graying population is - finally - becoming noticeable. My blog's title is a reference to the 1972-1985 British comedy...

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What is beyond Needs, Wants & Beliefs?

As I've stated before, there are three collective development stages in life, Needs, Wants & Beliefs, and one individual development stage, which I refer to as an Awakening. What collective development stage, if any, might be beyond Needs, Wants & Beliefs? To a large extent, beliefs are perceived certainties. In my blogs, I refer to beliefs as known unknowns...

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Why can’t you learn from success?

You probably know the expression "never change a winning team". Often, success feels like magic because we don't really know or understand its ingredients. Changing the ingredients may jeopardize success. Hence, the soccer quote by Sir Alf Ramsey (1920-1999). An 2011 article in Harvard Business Review came to similar conclusion: Why...

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