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We don’t know the things that we don’t know

We know the things that we know. That knowledge may seem a lot to us. Yet, that knowledge of known knowns becomes very small when we start considering (i) the things we know that we don't know (eg, most foreign languages), and/or (ii) the things we don't even know that we don't know these (no example - by definition). There's also a category of things we don't know...

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Somebody’s watching us

On 30 October 1938, a live radio show caused panic amongst its listeners (Wiki). That event played an adaptation of The War of the Worlds, an 1898 novel by H. G. Wells, which was directed by future filmmaker Orson Welles. On 25 June 2021, the US government released a highly anticipated report on UFOs (eg, BBC). This time there was no commotion - let alone...

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Space: a distance in time

View Post Suppose, just suppose, that speed would be unlimited. Would geography or space then still matter? Both would just be travel coordinates. Space is only relevant because speed limits increase the use of time. Essentially, space is a distance in time and speed defines its amount of time. In this Aeon interview, theoretical physicist Lee Smolin states that...

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The complexity bias (11) and humanoid sapiens

I've already written ten blogs on the complexity bias (my blogs). Yet, this topic is still fascinating me. Future "humans" will be very different than us. I've nicknamed them humanoid sapiens (my blogs). I suppose our descendants will be a mix of human consciousness and replaceable body parts (eg, transhumanism). Something like a robot with a human face (eg,...

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Why do humans consider themselves as intelligent?

I've written several blogs about the "infinity of human stupidity", a paraphrase of a quote by Albert Einstein. Wednesday night, I suddenly wondered why humans consider themselves as intelligent. I had to write it down immediately as that thought was already trying to vanish. Language was my first answer and then a very different answer emerged. The collective...

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