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The connection that men and women are looking for

Many female dating profiles state that they are looking for a 'connection'. This might just be the latest buzzword following 'soulmate'. Many women complain that men are just looking for a physical connection (ie, sex). A Dutch website argues that this female connection is related to a spiritual awakening. In my view, life and nature show three collective...

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The common denominator

In several blogs, I have described myself as the common denominator when it comes to relationship failures. These reasons vary a lot but the common factor is me. I seem to be the “problem”. My mother (86) says I’m difficult; I prefer complex. The difference is in intentions. Often, difficult behaviour is on purpose. Complexity is a matter of...

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“You are very intelligent, aren’t you?”

Her words (above) did not feel like a compliment, more like an accusation, and also a justification for not wanting another date with me. I chose to ignore her words: both acknowledgement and denial seemed futile. Moreover, she added that "our lives are too different". Lately, I have heard those words more often. I started wondering if both phrases are connected....

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Why do opposites (not) attract? (2)

From a distance, you may feel attracted to a certain person. Up close, you may even regret that very thought. You start wondering how such a misjudgement could have happened. The closer you get to someone, the more you will notice differences. Some of these differences are turn-ons, while others are turn offs.  Attraction is like magnetism. Magnets are drawn...

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To me, one of the most opaque words in life is “friends”. Adjectives are required to explain its true nature: best, close, FB, intimate, with benefits. Despite having all these types of friends, you may still feel alone when you actually need them around. In my dictionary, most people to whom we refer as friends only qualify as acquaintances. Like the title...

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Intelligence and/versus Love

Last Friday, I noticed an intriguing post in Facebook from Expanded Consciousness: "Why highly intelligent people struggle to find love", written by Justin Gammill (see his blog and article). His article felt strangely familiar. Justin gives three main reasons why highly intelligent people have a harder time falling in love: They are more analytical, more...

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