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Are we wasting a good crisis?

Allegedly, Winston Churchill came up with the phrase "never let a good crisis go to waste". Quora: "Churchill was referring to Yalta and the alliance forged between himself, Stalin and Roosevelt, an unlikely trio that would lead to the formation of the United Nations, creating opportunities in the midst of a crisis." Some might argue that the WHO is working on a...

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You bring out the worst in me

Some people bring out the best in you (video by Gladys Knight). For some people, you want to be a better man (video by Paolo Nutini). For some people, you'll never be good enough (video by Citizen Soldier). Sometimes, people bring out the worst in you (see video below). Recently, I met her. This also explains my recent blog: How can something be so right AND so...

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We would like to know the future but will decline when offered

We often talk about our future as if we're not even part of it. In that view, our future is abstract, absolute, and opaque. In reality, our overall future can - most likely - be predicted with a fair degree of certainty. Moreover, our future is relative as each of our (eg, daily) choices has an impact on our own future. Indeed, our life gets more complex when we add...

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Advantage vs Empathy (3)

While looking at my notes for future blogs, I noticed this one: "Alignment between personal and group interests only possible if Empathy > Advantage". This statement applies to all situations, like a family, relationship, sports team, study group, and at work. Example: Why stay with [an employer] when you can increase your Advantage by quitting? If you replace...

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The 3-front war between Politics and Big Tech

In China, Europe and USA there seems to be a simultaneous war between Politics and Big Tech rather than the decoupling between two belief systems that I viewed initially (my blogs on decoupling). Technology and Politics are both in the Power domain of the 7 Belief systems (2016 version, 2019 update, my blogs). The outcome of this battle will determine their future....

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The notion of freedom

In 2016, an "octopus at New Zealand's National Aquarium made a break for freedom by slipping out of its tank, slithering down a drainpipe and escaping into the ocean earlier this year" (Nat Geo). Recently, "workers at a crocodile farm in Thailand have been searching for crocodiles which escaped after floods in the area." (BBC) Human escapes from captivity...

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