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AI economics

In 1987, American economist and Nobel laureate Robert Solow expressed the thinking of many: "You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics". Now, there's a similar question on artificial intelligence: "is 2024 going to be more like 1987 or more like 1995?" (Axios) Axios Macro: "In the 1990s and early 2000s, a revolution in...

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Sinds enkele weken heb ik af en toe momenten dat ik me verveel. Meestal gebeurt dat ‘s avonds. Dit gevoel is nieuw. Ik weet niet goed waarom. Mogelijke verklaringen zijn het nieuwe jaar, gebrek aan inspiratie, het stoppen met dating, en/of het opzeggen van TV streaming diensten. Waarschijnlijk voorkomt mijn online spel dat mijn verveling vaker gebeurt. Het...

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Closure comes with a price

Last week, I finally received closure with someone. I lost my anger with that person but gained (brief) sadness. For me, that sadness relates to losing Hope. It's over now. In other situations, the price of closure may relate to Doubt, Fear or Love. Hence, my blog title: Closure comes with a price. In my view, I wasn't looking for closure. I was looking to protect...

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Facebook in Europe: pay per month OR accept personalized ads

Since 8 November 2023, I have a choice: either pay 12,99 euro per month for Facebook, or "accept" their "free" version with personalized ads (eg, AD, Standaard). This is causing a dilemma as I do not trust Facebook's data collection. Hence, I refused using their app and only used their website. Moreover, I mostly used Facebook (and LinkedIn) to promote my blog....

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The only 3 pieces of jewellery men should wear

Introduction LO: Several decades ago, I heard or read the advice below. The key message was that jewellery are for women; not for men. I felt it made sense and have never worn items again, like a tie clip. That advice was, however, also a reason to start focusing on wrist watches, which became an expensive hobby. In 2010, most of my watches were stolen; probably due...

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If you’re not paying for the product, then YOU are the product

Last Friday, a free antivirus tool was accused of selling sensitive data of about 5 million of its Dutch users (eg, Telegraaf, Wiki). The Dutch indeed love free stuff and thus make an easy target. In a distant past, I've used this Windows tool as well. Such tools are, however, quite irrelevant in macOS. Back then, I assumed this Czech company was Dutch. For that...

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