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Moral hazard problems

I've always viewed the moral hazard problem as a macro rather than a micro issue (eg, too big to fail, privatizing profits, socializing losses). I was wrong. Recently, I realised I also have a moral hazard problem. I prioritize my integrity over opportunism. Hence, I get less reward by taking less (opportunistic) risk. One could argue I'm walking the moral high...

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Outsiders Solve Problems. Just Ask Goats. (NYT)

The New York Times title: Outsiders Solve Problems. Just Ask Goats. NYT subtitle: In a study of how animals respond to the unknown, goats and camels, especially those with a lower social position, proved most capable of liberating a snack from a cup. By:  Veronique Greenwood Date: 4 April 2023 "Fair or not, goats have not earned a reputation for their...

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If you don’t like the rules, change the game

Late March, I published my blog: If you can’t win the game, change the rules. Recently, I considered entering into a game following an opportunity. I did not like the rules of that game and decided not to participate. Hence, my blog title: If you don't like the rules, change the game. Strictly speaking, my game comes with an immense downside: losing it all. I'm not...

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Nothing to lose

Some four years ago, a friend in Belgium died on the same day that I bought my house near the Belgian border. I had hoped visiting her more often. My friend had been worried about her imminent death. She feared missing her (grand)children. I suppose that most of us fear losing something. Back then, I asked her if she still prayed. She did not. I told her about the...

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Situational ethics

A simple example will clarify my topic: killing is wrong (principle); killing bad guys is right (eg, a military rule of engagement). This topic (ie, situational ethics) emerged from a recent conversation with a friend. Situational ethics provide a balance between principles and pragmatism. My friend was challenging my principle not to vaccinate myself (because I'm...

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If love is the answer, what was the question?

Recently, I noticed this question: If love is the answer, what was the question? It intrigued me to find that question. After some contemplation, I answered with the following question: What's the meaning of life? The ancient Roman philosopher Titus Pomponius Atticus (110 BC-32 BC) seems to agree with me. source, see #33 As also mentioned in earlier blogs, our...

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