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Risk management

What Happens If Ukraine Falls? (GPF)

GeoPolitical Futures title: What Happens If Ukraine Falls? By: George Friedman Date: 17 February 2023 "I recently wrote about Russian preparations for a major offensive in Ukraine: a pincer movement that would close Ukrainian forces in from the north and the south. There is now general discussion of such a move by Russia in the next months, albeit configured in many...

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The collective human memory loss

A friend has been hammering me on our European collective memory loss. His views are correct though incomplete. The entire human race "suffers" from a collective memory loss. Psychology articles claim this is an evolutionary advantage (eg, BT-2023). It enables us to be survivors and not victims. There is an "exception" to the above. Several scientific articles argue...

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Nothing to lose

Some four years ago, a friend in Belgium died on the same day that I bought my house near the Belgian border. I had hoped visiting her more often. My friend had been worried about her imminent death. She feared missing her (grand)children. I suppose that most of us fear losing something. Back then, I asked her if she still prayed. She did not. I told her about the...

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Global Property Market Faces $175 Billion Debt Spiral (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Global Property Market Faces $175 Billion Debt Spiral Bloomberg subtitle: A sharp drop in commercial real estate is bleeding into the real economy. By: Neil Callanan Date: 20 January 2023 "The slump in the world’s biggest asset class has spread from the housing market to commercial real estate, threatening to unleash waves of credit turmoil across...

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Situational ethics

A simple example will clarify my topic: killing is wrong (principle); killing bad guys is right (eg, a military rule of engagement). This topic (ie, situational ethics) emerged from a recent conversation with a friend. Situational ethics provide a balance between principles and pragmatism. My friend was challenging my principle not to vaccinate myself (because I'm...

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Not choosing is a choice. Really??

Making a choice requires having alternatives. In that context, not choosing would (usually) be procrastination. "Procrastination is the action of unnecessarily and voluntarily delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be negative consequences for doing so." (Wiki) Procrastination looks like making a choice (ie, for waiting). Even the Wiki...

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