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Risk management

Klimaat label

Rabobank, ING en ABN Amro willen een klimaatlabel voor huizenkopers, naast het energielabel, aldus recente artikelen (o.a. AAB, BNN-VARA, FD). Ik deel de mening van econoom en UvA professor Arnout Boot: “vreemd dat banken daar niet eerder op wezen” (BNR). Ik verwacht een zelfde situatie als bij het energielabel: eerst is vrijwel niemand geïnteresseerd in dit...

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Why regulating AI will be difficult — or even impossible (WE)

Intro LO: An interesting and recommended read by an American conservative source. Washington Examiner title: Why regulating AI will be difficult — or even impossible By: Christopher Hutton Date: 20 February 2024 "Efforts to combat artificial intelligence‘s threat to democracy and humanity through regulations and guardrails face a number of legal complications,...

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Etnisch profileren vs risico management 

Amnesty International komt bijna dagelijks met een radio commercial waarin wordt beweerd dat etnisch profileren altijd fout is. Aangezien iedereen deel is van een etnische groep, stelt Amnesty eigenlijk dat profileren altijd fout is. Elke organisatie (incl. Amnesty) doet echter aan profileren. "Het doel van cliëntonderzoek is dat de instelling weet met wie zij zaken...

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‘Derisking’ China-Reliant Supply Chains Is Creating New Risks (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: ‘Derisking’ China-Reliant Supply Chains Is Creating New Risks WSJ subtitle: The U.S. and Chinese economies appear to be growing apart. The real story is more complicated, and worrying. By: Nathaniel TaplinDate: 6 january 2024 " “Derisking” the West’s ties with China—shorthand for measures like tariffs to build up supply chains in friendly...

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Why do we underestimate?

While watching the tv series The Catch (eg, IMDb), I suddenly wondered this: do we always underestimate? Our underestimations are usually about (i) whether we can trust someone, or (ii) how much space and/or time something takes (eg, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Tiny Buddha). The answer may relate to the "problem-solving principle" Occam's razor. It's often...

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Mitigating country risk in supply-chain management

Country risk used to be a somewhat minor risk management issue in banking. Today, it has become a major issue in business' supply-chain management due to China (eg, zero-Covid policy) and Russia (eg, sanctions and nationalizations following invasion of Ukraine). Hence, this recent Bloomberg comment: "Hard evidence is now emerging that all the discussions of strained...

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