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Reverse psychology

The infamous last words in relationships

In 2014, I asked my then-girlfriend about the reason for her behaviour. I didn't trust her initial answer and kept probing her. Her fifth answer was devastating and probably the closest to the truth. Until today, I still wonder if I should have asked my next question. I didn't really expect her to agree. To some extent, my question was reverse psychology (my blogs)....

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“One cannot be held accountable for unintended consequences.”

My blog's title is an intriguing sentence on the bottom of page 124 of Lethal White, the fourth detective novel written by J.K. Rowling and "published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith". Is this statement valid? This sentence is complex as it contains two related concepts: (1) accountability versus responsibility and (2) deeds, words & intentions....

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Why doubt is contagious

Last Sunday, I felt something was wrong. It took me a while to obtain an answer. Apparently, there's doubt. I don't feel that doubt myself. I warned doubt has a habit of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Afterwards, I realised that doubt is contagious, like a virus. Others feel the same way. Kathryn Schulz: "both doubt and certainty are as contagious as the...

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My worst fear is becoming reality

On my bucket list is just one item: to reconnect with my daughter. Everything else feels irrelevant. In the last 10 years, I have only met her twice. The problem is not her and not me. There is an invisible though physical obstacle in between us. Before, that person was just destroying my life. Now, that person is also damaging my daughter's life....

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Father and daughter

I miss my daughter. Not as much as before though. I've gotten used to the fact that she keeps a distance, both emotionally and geographically. She lives in Berlin, Germany. Occasionally, I receive some news about her from my son, her brother. Apparently, she keeps a distance towards all of us. To some extent, she is mirroring my own behaviour. In 2008, my daughter...

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Bullying the bully-in-chief

The Democrats have opted for a new tactic against Trump: bullying the bully-in-chief. So far, it has the desired effect. Obama started by calling the US handling of the pandemic "an absolute chaotic disaster" (BBC). Obama doubled down on this by stating: "The virus has “torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re...

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