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The retail apocalypse never happened (Axios)

Intro LO: I'm surprised by this American news as reality in the Netherlands is only showing more retail bankruptcies and more real estate vacancies. Considering the never-ending gun violence in or nearby American shopping malls, I’m a little skeptic about this Axios article. Perhaps, the retail apocalypse predictions ignored business shifts. The article below...

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Family-owned companies

In 1602, a global watershed moment took place when the Dutch East India Company was founded. From that moment, ownership, management and capital (ie, funding) were no longer in one (family) hand. However, little has changed over the past 400 years. Family-owned companies are still the majority of all businesses worldwide. Why? The most logical explanation is that...

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A dead retail canary in a corona coal mine (4)

Since about 2010, people have been talking about a retail apocalypse. Since about 2018, these words have changed into retail armageddon (eg, BI, Bloomberg). The coronavirus pandemic is likely to accelerate this existing and ongoing development at the expense of many brick and mortar retail outlets around the world (eg, Forbes, March 1). Shopping is a need for most...

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Ai No Corona (3) – a global domino effect

Much to my surprise, the Dutch government closed all bars, "coffee" shops, restaurants, saunas and sex clubs on Sunday evening at 6PM. The images of people hoarding for weed became international news. Saturday evening, the owner of a local restaurant had been afraid this would happen shortly. She had just sold her restaurant to her chef. Other business owners will...

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Decoupling of Business and Politics (4)

On 12 September 2019, 145 American CEO's of companies, with more and less than 500 employees, wrote a joint letter to the members of U.S. Senate, in which they wrote the following paragraph in bold letters: "That’s why we urge the Senate to stand with the American public and take action on gun safety by passing a bill to require background checks on all gun sales...

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The inflation conundrum

The inflation conundrum

Last week, I got a question which had been on my own mind since June 22: how do you explain the rather obsessive ECB focus on 2% Consumer Price Inflation?? After ample consideration, I still couldn't explain it. I could only explain the ECB quest for avoiding deflation. Hence, this blog is named the inflaton conundrum. Please see my diagram below for an...

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