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Why is it so hard to reconnect to someone?

My original title was "How to reconnect to someone". I struggled with this "How" perspective and left it on my list of writing ideas. This week, a friend wanted to know more about this How as she is also struggling with it. My answer to her was: you should give something valuable to that someone. That giving part is, however, an obstacle for us. This...

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Self pity

I feel much better as my food poisoning recovery is nearly finished. Saturday evening, I felt a sudden bruising near my chest, which did not make any sense. Several hours later, it turned into feeling a heavy brick inside my stomach. Soon afterwards, vomiting started which continued well into early Sunday morning. I felt a lot of self pity that day. Self pity was on...

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The background of so called Islam or Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe isn't what you would expect. Instead of extreme religious believers, these attacks are often performed by ordinary criminals and/or drug users with a Muslim background. It feels like there is a terrorist recruitment website: How to redeem your sins within 90 days. Muslims usually express grief...

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Ants vs Humans (2)

To my big surprise, part 1 of this blog is #5 of my most-read blogs, with 668 views. Some days ago, I got new inspiration, following articles on human suffering and on wounded ants. The study on injured ants got a lot of media attention (eg, Guardian, NYT, VK). The Dutch interview on human suffering with Belgian psychiatrist Dirk de...

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Rejection (2) – the weapon

In the initial version of Rejection, I mentioned that I had never realised that rejection is a double edged sword that wounds us and that we also use to wound others. Rejection causes hurt (receiving) and also inflicts pain (sending). Our hurt over rejection makes us realise, either consciously or subconsciously, that rejection is also...

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Rejection (1) – the hurting

Lately, I've noticed that I have been advising new friends to avoid rejection. That made me wonder about this topic. So, I've opened a new blog label and attached only 2 existing blogs (2015, 2016). If rejection is that important to me then why didn't I write about it more?? The answer is simple: rejection hurts badly. Unlike physical pain, rejection even hurts...

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