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Is asking the wrong question essential to learning?

I've been asking myself some questions lately. None of the answers seem right and/or relevant to me. I suppose I must be asking the wrong questions. People claim that asking the right question will give you the right answer (eg, source). This seems rather obvious. How to ask the right instead of the wrong question? It has been alleged though never substantiated that...

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How do you help yourself?

At this time, someone may consider asking me: how do you help yourself? For some, this question will just be theoretical. For others, its answer will hopefully translate into a practical tool. My answer will primarily be helpful for the ones who want to survive. The ones in a victim role may say that they need or want help but their intentions will - sooner or later...

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Asking the right question

Asking the right question

As an auditor, I know that it's all about asking the right question. Asking wrong questions will usually give you valid though irrelevant answers. The same principle applies to the questions that you're asking yourself. A breakthrough during introspection can only arrive when you're asking yourself the right question(s). The Why question isn't always the...

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Why does asking the right question bring its answer?

There's a Dutch saying that apparently has no English equivalent: "de vraag stellen is hem beantwoorden". In English, this would translate like: "asking a question is answering it". Many people will have once experienced this strange phenomenon. I think, feel and believe it only applies to asking the right question. A wrong question seldom gives a right...

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Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answer (2)

Late 2019, I wrote my blog Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answer. Early February 2020, someone asked me why I had visited her dating profile without leaving her a message. I reread her profile and slowly it dawned upon me why I had not. Her looks had felt condescending and some items in her profile had not appealed to me. I wondered if I...

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Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answer

On August 20, I wrote my blog One question says more than a thousand answers. Questions never lie but answers can easily fool you. There is another pitfall when asking questions: after hearing the answer, sometimes you wish you had not asked the question. Some answers reveal a truth you don't want to hear, and you can only be hurt by the truth. The above...

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