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Life is a roundabout (2)

I still remember the day when I noticed a strange and unfamiliar structure ahead of me: my first roundabout. I was confused and didn't know what to do. It had never appeared during my driving lessons. I followed the cars in front of me, and stayed one or two full laps on it. Finally, I dared to exit. In the roundabout of Life, I used a first exit towards Knowledge,...

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Ageing means Nothing Really Matters

In 2019, my then-neighbour was sorry to hear about my imminent relocation. At her age (then 98), all her friends and relatives had already passed away. As a helpful neighbour, I provided some sense of security. A year before, she had expressed her regrets for outliving everyone. A few days ago, my mother suddenly said that she had never expected to reach 88 next...

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There's a new US debate whether Republicans are accountable or responsible for the Great Replacement "theory" (see my recent blog). Democrats and/or liberals were eager to blame the Republican party. The conservatives and/or Republicans were eager to deny that criticism. This pattern seems universal. Why do liberals typically blame others (and each other)? Why do...

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The meaning of Life = living a meaningful life (2)

Early 2016, I wrote my blog: The meaning of Life = living a meaningful life. Also see framework posts. The Scientific American article below claims that "appreciating beauty in the everyday may be just as powerful as a sense of overarching purpose". Its title claims that it's "a new dimension to a meaningful life". The second sentence in their final paragraph is...

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A new milestone: 2,000 published blogs

Yesterday morning, I noticed that I have published 2,000 blogs. My initial ones (in Dutch) were mediocre and reveal a lot of emotional pain. However, that was their purpose. My then-girlfriend recommended writing to me, for losing steam and for healing my soul, following a nasty divorce that lasted for 4 years in several courts. Her advice worked and I would...

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2017 statistics and 2018 wishes

2017 statistics and 2018 wishes

On 28 April 2014, I started writing my blog. Initially my posts were only in Dutch and rather negative following my 2010-2013 divorce battle and my 2013-2014 burn-out. My number of daily views was low. This number has been increasing ever since I changed to the English language by the end of 2014. Nowadays, most of my readers are located in France - for reasons...

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Framework Posts

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