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Pull-Push (magnetism)

Can robots be our partners?

You probably recall C-3PO, the tall yellow human-like robot from Star Wars. He has a high voice and is always afraid of anything. He is harmless, isn't he? He could be your friend. Suppose, just suppose, that you would have watched a scene in which C-3PO killed another robot. Would you still trust C-3PO? This is the same reason why humans don't trust other...

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The risk of love is loss

The risk of love is loss

Some weeks ago, I added a blog topic in my notes: Love & Loss. I've been staring at that topic ever since and didn't know what to make of it. I knew its meaning was not to write about a love lost. It felt like the opposite. This week, I googled for Love & Loss and noticed this quote, which comes very close to what I was looking for as a meaning for the topic...

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To block or not to block that is the question

While showering, I received a new idea: to block or not to block that is the question. I have blocked dozens of people in my phone. Most of them are scammers from abroad. A few of them, I know (well) though. I'm not proud of blocking them but it's for my own peace of mind. Since about 2 weeks, I've been blocked by someone. I haven't blocked her as there is no...

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The complexity bias (12): Why

The complexity bias is a phenomenon that Change (eg, in life, nature and probably the Universe) has a tendency to increase rather than reduce complexity. This is counterintuitive. Simplicity should have a higher chance of surviving Change (eg, bacteria, viruses). Complexity should have less chance in Evolution. Yet, complexity seems to be the guiding principle....

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The rollercoaster of solitude and loneliness (5)

Several weeks ago, I heard a film quote: "But with loneliness comes freedom... to go where you please. Do what you want." Like the Netflix film, this quote also feels weird. I still cannot relate to it. Apparently, it's a (failed) paraphrase of a quote by writer C.S Lewis (1898-1963): “The price of freedom is loneliness. To be happy is to be...

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Saviour complex

Recently, I connected to someone who is dealing with several issues. My help became an aphrodisiac to her. This should not come as a surprise as doctors and patients often develop relationships (eg, NCBI-2006, NCBI-2016, blog). With hindsight, I've been a magnet to people having problems. However, magnetism has a pull and a push force (my blogs of...

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