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Pull-Push (magnetism)

Growth: what goes up must come down

Growth refers to many different topics: body, brain, business, cancer, climate, economy, ethics, inflation, politics, population, and the Universe. We use many different adjectives to describe growth, like: absolute, actual, historical, marginal, projected, relative. A decline is even negative growth. Source: Our World in Data The population diagram for 1750-2100...

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Why do we expect reciprocal friendships?

The notion of (full) reciprocity in friendships will create false expectations because it's an illusion. Some friendships may indeed come quite close to reciprocity. In most friendships, someone is leading (eg, pull & push) the friendship. The other friends are more responsive. Hence, my blog title's question. Many articles claim reciprocity is a cornerstone of...

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Theory of Everything (3)

Last Thursday, I made the drawing below. Before, I did "see" the various dots but I wasn't able to connect these dots inside my mind. The house analogy suddenly dawned upon me, last Thursday. I'm pleased to present the result. In my view, it might well be my best accomplishment so far. My concept of the 7 Belief systems (eg, 2015 original and 2019 update) is a part...

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Can robots be our partners?

You probably recall C-3PO, the tall yellow human-like robot from Star Wars. He has a high voice and is always afraid of anything. He is harmless, isn't he? He could be your friend. Suppose, just suppose, that you would have watched a scene in which C-3PO killed another robot. Would you still trust C-3PO? This is the same reason why humans don't trust other...

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The risk of love is loss

The risk of love is loss

Some weeks ago, I added a blog topic in my notes: Love & Loss. I've been staring at that topic ever since and didn't know what to make of it. I knew its meaning was not to write about a love lost. It felt like the opposite. This week, I googled for Love & Loss and noticed this quote, which comes very close to what I was looking for as a meaning for the topic...

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To block or not to block that is the question

While showering, I received a new idea: to block or not to block that is the question. I have blocked dozens of people in my phone. Most of them are scammers from abroad. A few of them, I know (well) though. I'm not proud of blocking them but it's for my own peace of mind. Since about 2 weeks, I've been blocked by someone. I haven't blocked her as there is no...

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