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What’s in it for me?

Late April 2022, the Dutch multinational Randstad (eg, temporary labour) published the results of a study amongst students (eg, FD). Their main conclusion was that students are more interested in the culture and salary at an organization than its purpose or sustainability. I just wondered why this is even news. My title above is a phrase that we express once the...

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Fashionable stupidity (Carl Jung)

Recently, I noticed a quote by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst: "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud." The reference to fashionable stupidity is part of his 1920 address to the Society for Psychical Research in England. Clearly, stupidity is not a contemporary issue as it...

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The positive power of negativity

Some time ago, I noticed a Dutch article on a 2019 book by psychologist Roy Baumeister and journalist John Tierney: The Power of Bad: How the Negativity Effect Rules Us and How We Can Rule It (publisher). The book is recommended by psychologist Martin Seligman, a guru on positive psychology (eg, my 2015 blog). In 2014, I started writing for my blog. Those short...

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The danger of using absolute or relative numbers

I was surprised by the outcome of my blog of last Thursday. The low relative number gave a very different (macro) perspective than its high absolute (micro) number. It's too easy (for me) to blame the media or the source of those numbers. I think, feel and believe that our presenting of either absolute or relative numbers is a...

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Know thyself (3)

In several of my more recent blogs, I have used the word introspection. My "weird" conclusion was that I probably know others better than myself. This conclusion is, however, consistent with a 2018 article in The Atlantic: People don't actually know themselves very well. Its subtitle confirms my earlier conclusion: "Chances are, your coworkers are better at rating...

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People with greater intellectual humility have superior general knowledge (BPS/BT)

BPS / BT title: People with greater intellectual humility have superior general knowledge Big Think subtitle: Smart people are not afraid to say "I don't know." Author: Dr. Christian Jarrett Date of publishing: 3 April 2019 (BPS) / 15 May 2019 (BT) "In the era of social media and rolling news there’s a constant pressure to be in the know, always on hand with an...

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