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Project Climate Fear

Another IPCC warning (2): après nous, le déluge (4)

Last Monday, the IPCC issued its 6th assessment report on climate change (report). Their timing is remarkable as we are still being made scared about the latest coronavirus mutant (eg, Reuters). I assume that this IPCC report will soon lose the media battle for attention. Fear works better when it's close to you. The IPCC warning is "only" about forthcoming decades...

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There are some important words that are hard to define: friendship, life, love. Progress is also hard to define, especially once you strip its (common) ideological context. Each person has a different view - and definition - of these concepts. Once, I thought defining life was pretty easy, until I found out that viruses are viewed as "dead". Also see this...

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The church of the poisoned minds

The UK is considering labelling the "global environmental movement" Extinction Rebellion as an organised crime group (eg, Guardian, Telegraph). American author and filmmaker Michael Crichton (1942-2008) predicted the rise of eco-terrorism in his (highly recommended) 2004 techno-thriller State of Fear. Human beliefs separate us from any other...

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Does the coronavirus makes us believe in Science?

The left-wing magazine The New Republic triggered my mind with a recent article: It’s not enough to “believe science”. They disputed - and rightfully, in my opinion - the reasoning of science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson in his May 1 article in the magazine The New Yorker: “Do we believe in science? Go outside and you’ll see the...

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Ai No Corona (4) – how an urgent crisis looks like

I'm noticing some articles that claim we should not forget there is also an urgent climate crisis. I can only smile about such headings, while ignoring its contents. Today, we can finally see how a real crisis and urgency looks like. This is a stark reminder to all people promoting Project Climate Fear (my blogs). A recent Axios article shows a balanced and...

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Stranded mortgage assets

During a phone call this week, I mentioned that one of my 2019 relocation criteria had been the elevation of my current location. Subsequently, I wondered if banks are already considering amending their Expected Loss calculations for (mortgages on) commercial and residential properties, following climate change. The situation is somewhat comparable to "stranded...

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