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Choices and priorities

Bipartisan politics: between autocracy and multi-party coalition

Recently, Allister Heath (b.1977) wrote an intriguing article in The Telegraph, entitled: For the first time in my life, I’m now beginning to think Britain is finished. Its subtitle was another clear message: "The country’s self-image as tolerant, decent and hard-working is being smashed. It’s only going to get worse". My main thought was: what is the difference...

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Klimaat label

Rabobank, ING en ABN Amro willen een klimaatlabel voor huizenkopers, naast het energielabel, aldus recente artikelen (o.a. AAB, BNN-VARA, FD). Ik deel de mening van econoom en UvA professor Arnout Boot: “vreemd dat banken daar niet eerder op wezen” (BNR). Ik verwacht een zelfde situatie als bij het energielabel: eerst is vrijwel niemand geïnteresseerd in dit...

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Apple cancels its autonomous electric car project

Intro LO: Apple’s decision (to cancel its autonomous electric car project) may well be far more important than it looks like. Probably, it will also imply that Tesla will never be able to deliver on its many (similar) promises. Once that thought sinks in, Tesla’s share price will sink further. Autonomous driving has five (or six) levels (source): Level 0: no Driving...

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AI trust issues (Axios)

Intro LO: Trust issues are probably the most fundamental issues between humans, and also in primates like chimpanzees. Hence, trust issues in artificial intelligence (AI) make perfect sense. Moreover, the word intelligence in AI is utterly misleading. Hence, articles about Artificial Idiocy. Also see my related 2023 blog. Artificial "intelligence" is based on human...

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The benefit of the doubt

Everyone understands the meaning of my blog title. Nevertheless, it’s hard to explain the how, what, when, who, and the why. Perhaps, the benefit of the doubt relates to a conflict between consciousness (eg, ratio) and subconscious (eg, emotion). Probably, doubt is settled once a side has “won”. The benefit of the doubt relates to all three domains: Love, Knowledge,...

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Afgelopen maandag concludeerde ik dat een vriendin in een uitzichtloze situatie lijkt te zitten. Echter, zodra haar prioriteiten zouden wijzigen, dan wijzigt haar keuze (om daarin te blijven zitten). Ik zie geen andere oplossingen. Haar verkeerde prioriteiten leiden tot een verkeerde keuze. Ze snapt me. Ik vermoed dat menigeen in een uitzichtloze situatie lijkt te...

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