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Choices and priorities

Will high inflation reverse the rise of single-person households?

"Single-person households in the U.S. have steadily increased since 1960. Between 1960 and 2015, the number of single-person households soared to 34.9 million from 6.9 million, and their share of total households more than doubled from 13.1 to 28.0 percent" (JSTOR-2019). Early 2022, The Netherlands, my country, had 8.1 million private households of which 3.2...

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The Chinese implosion – a 2022 update (3)

Early 2016, I published part 1 and part 2 of this blog. I'm surprised that the Chinese implosion is nearer than I had expected. Usually, such a development takes decades. I suppose China's swift transformation from pragmatism to ideology is accountable and responsible for the acceleration of its implosion. The reasons for my current expectation are as follows:...

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Principles vs Rules

Our societies have (very) many rules. Not knowing these rules (ie, ignorance) is not a legal excuse in court. This legal principle is called ignorantia juris non excusat. Many rules are not monitored for adherence or compliance. Only in case of (legal) disputes, non-adherence or non-compliance becomes important. Rules can never be watertight. Hence, guilty people...

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Happiness is (not) a choice.

Several days ago, I noticed this quote by Ralph Marston (1907-1967) again: "Happiness is a choice; not a result." If this would be true then why do so many people not make that "choice" for happiness? Given the pursuit of happiness by so many people, a result is (much) more likely than a choice. There is some truth in Ralph Marston's saying. In my view, however,...

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Appreciation vs gratitude

Last week, I read a beautiful AP article on the writer's appreciation for Bill Russell. As a European, I had never heard of the late Bill Russell (1934-2022), an American basketball player and coach. The word appreciation triggered my curiosity though, and my subsequent interest in this word. Appreciation and gratitude are related but not the same. In my view, their...

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From Hanseatic League to ‘Friend-Shoring’

On 13 July 2022, the FT published this opinion article: No, the global economy is not breaking into geopolitical blocs. Since 2015, I have been arguing that the world is heading for global city-states and a new Hanseatic League. Terms like 'Friend-Shoring' and 'geopolitical blocs' are - essentially - similar. "US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has proposed...

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