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The World and a Small War (GPF)

GeoPolitical Futures title: The World and a Small War By: George Friedman Date: 19 April 2022 "No war is small when you are living in it, but the world is large, and large wars are rare. At the same time, wars reverberate in unexpected ways. A small war here might make another war elsewhere deadlier, or it might help prevent a war elsewhere. No war can be understood...

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The road to self-love or philautia

Last Thursday morning, Dutch band Rondé was promoting their new single: I'm ready to love myself (see song below). The band's singer was talking about her transformation to self-love (in Greek: philautia). Before, she did not believe in the healing nature of loving yourself. How do you get there? It's important to realise that both love and self-love are output and...

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Trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback

My title above is an English translation of a saying by Dutch statesman Johan Rudolph Thorbecke (1798-1872): "Vertrouwen komt te voet en gaat te paard." His saying is valid on a micro or individual and on a macro or (inter-) national level. Trust can be restored though, albeit neither blind nor full. I suppose our doubt and our fear, for renewed betrayal of our...

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Last Friday, an ex-girlfriend replied to my Al Capone's kindness for weakness quote by stating: "I understand but you're soooooooo sensitive". She is right. Even my Chinese Western zodiac claims that in its 5th and last paragraph. I always wonder whether my sensitivity is a strength, a weakness or both. Given the triangle of personality, attitude & behaviour, I...

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Competence vs confidence

Recently, I posted a (Dutch) question: why is competence no longer required in political management? My question does not imply that incompetence rules. No. The same phenomenon exists in businesses, whether privately owned or publicly listed. Last but not least, my question is gender neutral. In his 1969 book, The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong,...

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Justin Trudeau Has Disgraced His Office (National Review)

National Review title: Justin Trudeau Has Disgraced His OfficeNR subtitle: He’s also exposed a massive flaw in Canada’s constitutional order.By: Charles C. W. CookeDate: 16 February 2022 "In a famous 1889 letter to A. S. Gruzinsky, the playwright Anton Chekhov proposed that “one must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off” at some...

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